CCTV Solution for School Bus

CCTV Solution for School Bus

Date Time: June 05, 2024
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CCTV Solution for School Bus

Potential Problems with School Buses

1. Driving Issues: Speeding, distracted driving, reckless driving, running red lights, improper door operation, and not following the designated route.

2. Overloading: Excessive number of passengers on the bus.

3. Driver Violations: Illegal actions by the driver, including unauthorized use of the bus.


Parental Concerns

1. Uncertainty: Parents are unable to know if their child has boarded the bus, arrived at school, or if the bus is driving safely.


School Concerns

1. Student Safety: Schools need to ensure the safety of students by monitoring the bus's route and the conditions inside the bus and around the driver.


YUWEI's CCTV solution for school buses provides 24-hour real-time video surveillance and location tracking of school buses, enabling parents and schools to jointly monitor the situation. This can effectively prevent safety accidents caused by speeding, fatigue driving, and unauthorized use of school buses.

 CCTV Solution for School Bus

Using a 4G/5G monitoring management system, a single computer can monitor the operation of hundreds of vehicles. The real-time monitoring and GPS functions of the 4G/5G system allow easy understanding of situations inside and outside the bus, and the alarm function of the main unit can prevent safety incidents caused by speeding and fatigue driving during unauthorized use of school buses.

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School Bus 4G/5G Onboard Terminal Functions

1. Camera Setup: Four conch cameras and an onboard microphone provide real-time monitoring and recording of students getting on and off the bus, the bus aisle, and student behavior to ensure the safety of teachers and students. It also monitors the driver and external roads to clarify disputes and accident responsibilities.

2. TFT Screen: A 7-inch TFT screen installed to the right of the steering wheel displays the inside of the bus, allowing teachers to monitor students and prevent accidents.

3. GPS Module: Provides basic vehicle information management. By linking with driving records and GPS devices, it prevents speeding and ensures safety. It integrates the video surveillance platform with the vehicle dispatch management platform to create a comprehensive vehicle video dispatch and command monitoring system.

4. Alarms: Configurable 8-channel alarm system records the vehicle's location, speed, direction, and other status information, and allows for tracking playback.

5. Speed Limiting: Set up to alert and prevent speeding, ensuring student safety.

6. Mobile App: Allows real-time handling of emergencies even when not at the base.


Onboard System Equipment Introduction

1. Front View Camera: Monitors the road conditions ahead.

2. Door Camera: Monitors students getting on and off the bus and the driver's condition.

3. Front Compartment Camera: Monitors students in the front section of the bus.

4. Rear Compartment Camera: Monitors students in the rear section of the bus.

5. Driver Alarm Button: Allows the driver to alert the platform in an emergency.

6. Display Screen: Shows single or multi-channel surveillance images for the driver and teachers, facilitating safe reversing.

7. Face Recognition Device: Records driver and teacher attendance, and student boarding, and notifies parents. If a student remains on the bus, it triggers an alarm.

8. Intercom Handle: Enables immediate communication between the driver and the monitoring center in emergencies.

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Detailed Configuration

1. Each bus is equipped with five cameras, one listening microphone, one intercom handle, one driver alarm button, one student off-bus confirmation button, one alarm indicator light (with siren function), one fireproof box, and one fuel and power cutoff relay.

2. The driver alarm button supports network platform alarms, SMS alarms, and one-click phone alarms for timely emergency assistance.

3. RFID technology transmits student boarding and alighting card information to the onboard intelligent terminal, which records it remotely and locally, supporting breakpoint resume transfer.

4. Supports student boarding and alighting card/face recognition image capture, with images stored on a remote server.

5. Dual-mode GPS/BD Beidou positioning for higher accuracy.

6. 4G/5G wireless communication technology enables the monitoring center to control each school bus's operation at any time.

7. Large capacity storage hard drive (2TB), plug-and-play without formatting.

8. "Student Boarding Confirmation Button" ensures all students have boarded or alighted, notifying parents of the time and location via SMS. If the driver does not confirm, the remote platform can turn off the vehicle, and the monitoring center will receive an alarm while the siren and lights on the vehicle will activate.

9. Fireproof box supports simultaneous storage on hard drive and SD card, ensuring data remains intact even if the vehicle catches fire, providing crucial evidence.

10. Through the monitoring center management platform, managers and supervisors can fully understand the school bus's operating status, effectively eliminating safety hazards.

11. Comprehensive student card/face recognition record reports make it easy to accurately find each student's record.

12. Customized vehicle information reports allow quick and accurate retrieval of detailed information for each school bus.

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