Tour Bus Monitoring Management System

Tour Bus Monitoring and Management System

Date Time: June 13, 2024
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Tour Bus Monitoring Management System

Are you experiencing these difficulties when managing tour buses?

- Low Dispatch Efficiency: Unclear vehicle status, scheduling conflicts, inability to assign tasks flexibly, and dispatch notifications not reaching drivers.

- Violations and Driving Issues: Task delays due to driving faults, difficulty controlling driver behavior, frequent occurrences of speeding and overloading.

- Disorganized Vehicle Business Processes: Unreasonable dispatching and troublesome management.

- Difficult Vehicle Expense Management: Drivers not following designated routes, high toll expenses, and excessive fuel consumption.


bus monitoring system

YUWEI Tour Bus Monitoring and Management System provides real-time GPS tracking, facilitating dispatch management. Equipped with 4G and WiFi connections, it allows remote real-time viewing of vehicle conditions recorded by onboard cameras. ADAS and DSM cameras effectively ensure risk mitigation during vehicle operations.

bus monitoring and management system

Tour Bus Monitoring and Management System Features

- Real-time GPS Tracking: Sends real-time vehicle location to the management center, enabling fleet managers to know the vehicle's position and facilitating dispatch.


- 1080p Video Surveillance: Equipped with 4G and WiFi connections, allowing real-time viewing of vehicle conditions recorded by in-vehicle cameras through the backend system.


- Vehicle Dispatch Management: Dispatchers can monitor vehicles in real-time and plan transport routes, assigning tasks to drivers online, ensuring flexible and rational vehicle allocation. When a vehicle is assigned to a driver, they are notified immediately, allowing them to select the appropriate vehicle and execute the task.


- Vehicle Reservation Status: Dispatchers can view the 24-hour reservation status of vehicles any day and assign tasks based on reservations and usage needs (number of passengers/tour routes/times), improving dispatch accuracy and resource allocation efficiency.


- Vehicle Usage Management: Historical trip data can be viewed and analyzed, detailing vehicle usage over specific days, months, or periods: task start and end times, departure and destination points, mileage, fuel costs, and task information. This data can verify reimbursement costs against actual mileage and fuel consumption, preventing drivers from falsifying odometer readings.


- Vehicle Safety Features: The platform issues alerts for vehicle faults, electronic fence breaches, or speeding, allowing early detection of issues and notifications to drivers. Intelligent hardware diagnostics ensure safe travel management.


- ADAS and DSM Systems: Equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) systems to ensure safety.


- Vehicle Cost Management: Manages fuel cards, refueling, maintenance, and other vehicle-related expenses; provides reminders for maintenance, annual inspections, and insurance to avoid losses from missed deadlines.


- Vehicle History Playback: Historical trajectory playback allows querying vehicle history within a chosen timeframe. Trip details are stored on the server for anytime viewing. The route map checks if drivers adhere to assigned pickup and drop-off points. The playback also shows instances of rapid acceleration, deceleration, and sharp turns, with different colors indicating idling or overspeeding, reminding drivers to drive safely and improving passenger experience.


- Statistical Reports: The statistical report feature allows querying and analyzing historical vehicle data, with categorized filtering and one-click export. This avoids the time-consuming, error-prone traditional statistics, and ensures timely data acquisition. Statistical reports enhance fleet operational efficiency.

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