Dashcam improve Fleet Management

Dashcam improve Fleet Management

Date Time: November 06, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Dashcam improve Fleet Management

YUWEI is a leading automotive technology company from China that has introduced a new AI dashcam in 2023. The aim is to prevent accidents and promote safer driving practices through advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) + BDM and other auxiliary driving features.

Dashcam improve fleet management

The AI technology in the dashcam can analyze driver behavior, including vehicle speed, acceleration, and braking patterns. This ensures that drivers maintain safe driving practices on the road and enables fleet managers to optimize their operations. By implementing ADAS, up to 60% of accidents can be prevented, significantly reducing the number of road accidents and related casualties.

In China, there were a total of 249,000 road traffic accidents in 2021, resulting in 17,800 fatalities and 28,400 injuries. These statistics highlight the serious threat that road traffic accidents pose to people's lives and property safety.

Based on past statistical data and experience, driver non-compliance with traffic regulations is often one of the main causes of road accidents. Non-compliance includes speeding, illegal lane changes, running red lights, fatigue driving, and drunk driving. Therefore, it is necessary to use ADAS as a reminder for drivers to practice safe driving behavior.

One notable feature of the AI dashcam is its emergency button, which allows drivers to quickly alert authorities in emergency situations. This ensures timely response to critical situations and further enhances driver safety. Additionally, the cloud functionality of the dashcam enables real-time access to stored videos and data, facilitating efficient and timely analysis of events.

YUWEI has deployed over 200,000 cameras equipped with AI dashcam technology worldwide, providing comprehensive insights into driver behavior and identifying areas for improvement.

Overall, the introduction of YUWEI's AI dashcam marks a significant development in fleet management. By leveraging advanced technology to analyze driver behavior and promoting safer driving practices across industries, this innovative solution has the potential to change the way fleet management is approached.

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