Truck CCTV Surveillance Systems

Truck CCTV Surveillance System

Date Time: July 01, 2024
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Truck CCTV Surveillance Systems

Long-distance freight trucks often face issues such as cargo loss or damage and driver violations. While many vehicles are currently equipped with GPS systems for navigation and dispatch, these systems cannot record the entire process, making it difficult to identify the true causes in cases of cargo loss, damage, or safety incidents.


Addressing the needs of the freight industry, China's YUWEI leverages IoT and wireless communication technologies. Using smart terminals to collect vehicle operation status (location, trajectory, real-time video, etc.), YUWEI utilizes its big data advantage and cloud server computing to generate visualized data. This data assists fleet managers in remote, visual, and real-time Truck CCTV Surveillance Systems.

 Truck CCTV System

By installing onboard monitoring systems on freight vehicles, logistics companies can effectively resolve the aforementioned challenges. Compared to the widely used GPS systems, onboard monitoring systems can not only track and record the vehicle's geographical location but also monitor and record the entire process of cargo transport and handling. This helps prevent cargo loss and provides evidence for liability in case of cargo damage. Using GPRS/CDMA/EDGE wireless monitoring systems, managers and customers can real-time track the cargo's location and transportation status via computers or mobile phones, thereby offering better services and enhancing the logistics company's competitiveness.

 Truck CCTV Surveillance Systems

Demand Analysis

The analog video signals from the cameras are converted into digital signals by the onboard main unit and transmitted via the 4G network to the video service center platform. Authorized personnel at the monitoring management center can then display maps, vehicle locations, and real-time video recordings through the central management server.


Features of the Onboard Wireless Video Monitoring System

YUWEI's wireless onboard monitoring system uses advanced H.264/H.265 video compression algorithms, streaming media video data compression technology, and 4G wireless communication technology. It supports four-channel real-time image recording and includes four sensor interfaces that can collect most sensor data from the vehicle, including temperature, speed, braking, reversing, and more. Users can conveniently use this information for video searches.

 Truck Surveillance System

Main Functions of the Onboard Wireless Video Monitoring System

1. Supports single-channel and four-channel recording, with adjustable frame rates from 1 to 25 frames per second.

2. Powerful network capabilities, supporting 4G/GPRS applications.

3. Advanced USB OTG technology.

4. Supports PAL and NTSC formats, with storage media as SD cards.

5. Controllable camera units for real-time monitoring of the site environment.

6. Strong system management capabilities.

7. Mobile performance meets work requirements in any location.


Functions of the Truck CCTV Monitoring System

Real-time Monitoring

Adopts the high-compression, clear image H.264 encoding format, supporting power-on recording, timed recording, and alarm recording. It supports ACC power-off delay. The built-in GPS system allows remote real-time video viewing, vehicle positioning, and historical video playback via 3G network. Supports remote monitoring via mobile phones.


Dispatch Operations

Includes route adjustment and operational monitoring management functions. It supports visual dispatch commands, voice broadcasts, two-way intercom, and voice calls to promptly handle various events, such as traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns, and traffic accidents.

 China Truck CCTV Surveillance Systems

GPS/BDS Positioning and Trajectory Operation

Displays the monitored vehicle's route with continuous blue numeric markers on the map, automatically refreshing to show the latest vehicle position in real-time. The monitoring management center can also remotely replay the vehicle's historical trajectory on the electronic map to recreate the vehicle's driving process.


Safety Alarms

Users can set safety limits. Based on driving conditions, the system will automatically generate fatigue driving alarms, overspeed alarms, entry/exit fence alarms, illegal parking alarms, and other alarm information, which are automatically uploaded to the management center.


Fuel Consumption Management

Monitors the fuel tank status in real-time. An alarm is triggered if there is a sudden sharp change in fuel level, effectively preventing fuel theft.


Cargo Monitoring

By equipping cargo with RFID smart electronic locks, cargo information can be automatically identified and collected within the effective range, ensuring uninterrupted real-time monitoring and alarming throughout the cargo transportation process. This enables customers to track cargo movement dynamics in real-time and ensures effective supervision during cargo transportation.

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