Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System with live GPS Tracking

Date Time: November 15, 2023
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Fleet Management System

To assist various types of fleets in better managing forklift fleets, controlling costs, improving efficiency, strengthening supervision, and standardizing fleet management, YUWEI from China introduces a Fleet Management System with live gps tracking.

Fleet Management System with live gps tracking

As the pandemic improves and the resumption of work and production accelerates, there is a continuous increase in freight volume, which presents higher demands on logistics transportation.

What challenges does truck management face?

  • Where are the vehicles? Are the goods delivered on time?

  • Is there any dangerous driving?

  • Is fuel consumption normal?

  • How is the operational efficiency of the trucks?

  • How to manage truck statistics?

In response to the challenges faced by traditional logistics fleets, we provide the following Fleet Management System with live gps tracking:

Timeliness and safety management

By utilizing GPS vehicle positioning and video surveillance equipment, task visualization is achieved throughout the entire process, significantly improving the timeliness and safety of transportation.

GPS positioning device: By tracking vehicle position data, the vehicle's operational stages can be determined in real-time. Alarms can be triggered for deviations from the designated route or abnormal stops. Administrators can also use map distance measurement and route planning in the background to improve the punctuality rate of goods delivery through multiple approaches.

ADAS video surveillance: Based on AI visual technology and image recognition, dangerous driver behaviors such as smoking or using the phone can be intelligently detected. It supports pedestrian detection warnings, lane departure warnings, and real-time comprehensive monitoring and tracking of vehicle operation, loading, and cargo conditions, ensuring maximum driving safety.

Mobile office: Administrators can assign tasks to drivers online at any time, and drivers can provide real-time feedback on customer sign-offs and other information.

Cargo owners can make vehicle reservation requests with one click, and view real-time dynamic information about the vehicle's route and location.

Fuel consumption monitoring and management

Fuel consumption management has always been a challenge in the traditional logistics industry: vehicles exceeding fuel consumption standards, drivers falsely reporting refueling amounts, high vehicle costs, reimbursement discrepancies, etc.

By implementing hardware devices for fuel consumption monitoring, fuel consumption management can be effectively implemented, making it no longer a confusing account. To this end, YUWEI has specifically summarized three practical fuel consumption monitoring solutions:

Solution 1: GPS tracker + fuel expense reporting

Solution 2: OBD smart box

Solution 3: Fuel level sensor

Real-time visualized data dashboard improves the efficiency of individual vehicles and avoids the time-consuming and error-prone process of data statistics in the traditional logistics industry with delayed data acquisition:

With multi-terminal and multi-user collaborative management on computers and mobile phones, administrators with appropriate permissions can understand the operation of the fleet through real-time data dashboards.

Comprehensive multi-dimensional report analysis can be achieved through scheduling reports, financial reports, and positioning reports, empowering efficient decision-making for the fleet.

YUWEI provides comprehensive and convenient ways to record vehicle affairs. Administrators can input driver attendance and vehicle maintenance information anytime using their mobile phones or computers. It also supports drivers to apply for vehicle affairs themselves. Drivers can apply for leave or vehicle maintenance management through the driver app.

Attendance management: When assigning vehicles, the system will automatically filter out drivers who have applied for leave.

Meeting and training management: Administrators can easily interact by sending notifications with just one click.


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