The Best Camera Systems for Semi Trucks

Date Time: December 08, 2023
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In China, semi-trucks are the primary type of fleet involved in accidents. According to statistics from 2012, trucking accidents in China caused 18,621 deaths, with 2,666 of those being truck drivers. It is necessary to install camera systems on semi-trucks for monitoring purposes. This can reduce the probability of accidents occurring within the fleet.

Camera Systems for Semi Trucks

The semi-truck camera system provides safety and management services for trucks carrying general cargo, heavy goods, and hazardous materials. The system includes real-time video monitoring and tracking of vehicle location and routes, which helps to prevent violations such as overloading, speeding, and driving while fatigued. It also standardizes driver behavior, reduces driving risk, and lowers the occurrence rate of accidents.

The semi-truck transportation logistics data and alarm information are analyzed and summarized to provide a basis for government departments and enterprise supervision decisions.

Semi-Truck Camera System Configuration

Mainframe: 4-channel Mobile DVR

Peripherals: Active safety intelligent video cameras ADAS, 360-degree surround view, DSM, HOD audio-visual alarms, displays, etc.

Platform: Semi-truck intelligent management platform

Semi-Truck Camera System Functions

Remote GPS positioning monitoring, real-time 1080p/high-definition video monitoring and transmission, voice intercom, overspeed alarm, driver status detection alarm (fatigue driving, distraction/smoking/phone use, camera occlusion alarm, mobile phone detection, etc.), advanced driving assistance system alarm (lane departure warning, forward collision warning, etc.).

Management System Platform Introduction

The system automatically processes low-risk alarms such as smoking, mobile phone use, and following too closely; high-risk alarms such as fatigue and distracted driving require real-time intervention. Driver misconduct is recorded through saved images, videos, location, speed, turn signal usage, brake usage, and accident liability can be traced. Finally, reports are generated for analysis.

What is a semi-trailer truck camera system?

A semi-trailer truck camera system is a monitoring device installed on semi-trailer trucks used for cargo transportation and logistics. It generally consists of multiple hardware devices and software systems. It typically includes cameras such as ADAS, DSM, and HOD to record images and videos of the vehicle's surroundings.

What are the functions of a semi-trailer truck camera system?

A semi-trailer truck camera system supports functions such as recording driving videos/images, collision detection, driver monitoring, reverse assistance, lane departure warning, and commonly GPS positioning. Its main purpose is to improve driving safety, record the driving process, and provide evidence to resolve disputes.

What factors should be considered for a semi-trailer truck camera system?

When choosing a suitable camera system, the following factors should be considered:

- Recording quality and resolution of the hardware devices

- Field of view and angles

- Night vision capability

- Storage capacity and loop recording function

- Functions and additional features such as collision detection, reverse assistance, etc.

- Ease of installation and operation

What are the common types of camera systems for vehicles?

Common types of camera systems for vehicles include front-facing cameras, rear-view cameras, side-view cameras, and reverse cameras. Front-facing cameras are used to record the road ahead, rear-view cameras assist with reversing and record the rear view, side-view cameras monitor blind spots, and reverse cameras assist with parking and reversing.

How to install a camera system for semi-trailer trucks?

The installation of YUWEI's semi-trailer truck camera system is very simple. We have dedicated installation guide videos that provide step-by-step instructions. You can follow our videos for installation. If you need assistance from our personnel, please contact our sales engineer in advance.


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