Car Dashboard Camera with GPS

Car Dashboard Camera with GPS helps you manage your Fleet

Date Time: October 08, 2023
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Car Dashboard Camera with GPS

The dashcam, which records images and sound during vehicle operation, is the first source of truth for restoring the scene. After installing the dashcam, it can record the entire video image and sound of the car's journey, providing evidence for traffic accidents. It also functions as a GPS locator in stealth mode. 

Car Dashboard Camera with GPS

As society develops and technology advances, there is an increasing demand for convenience, safety, and intelligence. Passive video image recording can no longer meet the needs of car owners. Proactive prevention, autonomous control, and active monitoring have become more important factors for car owners to consider. GPS location and dashcam two-in-one high-performance recorders have emerged.

◆ GPS can provide self-location and communicate with loved ones. In case of danger, it can be easily located.

◆ When driving on mountain roads with poor signal, it can locate the position and prevent getting lost.

◆ It can accurately determine specific locations and eliminate unnecessary troubles.

◆ Additionally, a dashcam with GPS location function can support electronic dog function, remote monitoring, navigation, and real-time synchronization of location information to the phone.

Yuwei V5 is a highly cost-effective Car Dashboard Camera with GPS that uses 4G Cat.4 network communication and supports BDS+GPS dual positioning. When collisions or emergencies occur, V5 can quickly upload short videos of events to the server and trigger real-time alerts to operators, providing safe driving for vehicles. The full-color high-definition single-recording camera allows for remote real-time viewing of driving videos.

Car Camera with GPS

Other features of Yuwei V5 include: 4G network communication module, theft-proof positioning, remote real-time monitoring, collision lock image, WiFi access to dashcam, SOS alarm, cloud electronic dog, trajectory playback, parking monitoring, and compact body.

In addition, Yuwei V5 dashcam also includes driving behavior analysis, various abnormal alarms, and Wi-Fi direct synchronization to help managers monitor vehicle conditions at any time, reduce costs and increase efficiency in fleet management, and meet the needs of remote management for private cars, ride-hailing cars, taxis, auto finance insurance, government or enterprise official vehicles, and other fleets.

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