What are reverse sensors?

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Date Time: April 09, 2024
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What are reverse sensors?

Reverse sensors are rear bumper devices that promptly emit warning signals to drivers, minimizing collisions and parking mishaps. They convert vehicle operational data into electrical signals, optimizing engine performance.


reverse parking sensor

YUWEI® Reverse Radar System

Compatible with various monitors and reverse cameras (standard definition), it integrates rear view display, obstacle distance, and audible alerts.


Why install a reverse sensor kit?

Reverse sensor kits address the following issues:

- Avoiding collisions and accidents while parking

- Managing blind spots in vehicle rearview mirrors

- Handling adverse weather conditions and limited visibility

- Proactively warning of dangers during reversing or parking maneuvers


Truck Blind Spot Concerns

Trucks have larger blind spots, potentially obscuring pedestrians from drivers' view. Reverse sensor kits offer safety solutions.


Advantages of YUWEI® Reverse Radar Kit

1. Enhances driving safety and reduces accident risks

2. Optional voice alert feature to avoid driver reliance on monitors

3. Displays obstacle distance, supporting detection range up to 5 meters



YUWEI offers the best reverse sensor kits suitable for various vehicles including buses, trucks, dump trucks, sanitation vehicles, excavators, etc.


Composition and Functions of Reverse Radar System

Comprising reverse radar controller, radar probes, buzzer, and display, it detects obstacles behind vehicles using emitted/received ultrasonic signals, providing audible and visual distance measurements to assist safe reversing.

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