Commercial Truck Dash Cameras System

Commercial truck dash cameras system near me

Date Time: November 06, 2023
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Commercial Truck Dash Cameras System

Commercial truck dash cameras are an important component of the modern long-haul shipping industry. Sending your fleet on long-distance journeys across the country comes with risks. Equipment is more prone to failure, trucks face greater road hazards and unpredictable driver risks. Even the best drivers can experience fatigue during extended periods of driving. If issues arise in unfamiliar territories, repair and legal costs rise quickly.

Commercial truck dash cameras

Adding a YUWEI commercial truck camera system to your management tactics can help reduce management costs and streamline day-to-day operations. The data captured by our cameras can help you understand fuel costs, eliminate detours and shorten delivery times. You'll have all the information you need to assess your fleet's performance and identify opportunities to cut operating and labor costs.

Our commercial truck dash camera system equipped with multiple onboard cameras provides more reliable fleet activity reports than standalone GPS systems. By combining driver-facing and road-facing lenses of the truck dash camera system with GPS tracking, fleet operators can access real-time information about routes, loads, speeds and more 24/7.

Double-channel and triple-channel dash cameras ensure safety for trucks and heavy vehicles. The BlackVue Truck model is well-suited to protect most large commercial trucks. A waterproof infrared rear camera is connected to the front unit through a 15-meter (49-foot) video cable. This not only monitors the road behind, but also monitors cargo loading and unloading operations.

The perfect dash camera for trucks and heavy vehicles, with a sturdy metal waterproof housing for backup cameras. With its metal waterproof housing, the rear camera can withstand most weather conditions. Its protection level (IP67) means that it can even withstand high-pressure washing. It is designed to be installed at the rear of a truck or heavy-duty vehicle.

The YUWEI commercial truck camera system interface is intuitive, designed with a video-first approach that allows you to find and view driver footage in seconds. The application can be fully customized to your business needs.

Please refer to the interface screenshots below:

Commercial Truck Dash Cameras System

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