Commercial Vehicle GPS tracking System

Commercial Vehicle GPS tracking System

Date Time: January 09, 2024
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Commercial Vehicle GPS tracking System

Choosing the right vehicle tracking system is crucial for small businesses that rely on a fleet. Regardless of fleet size, every fleet manager faces challenges. GPS fleet tracking software is essential for fleet management as it offers numerous benefits such as route optimization, dispatching, geofencing, activity history, and theft prevention.


Commercial Vehicle GPS tracking System

A GPS fleet tracking solution utilizes GPS tracking devices to determine the location of vehicles and drivers. These devices can be hardwired or plug-and-play. Hardwired units are directly connected to a vehicle's battery, ground, and ignition, while plug-and-play units connect to the OBD II port, CAN Bus port, or SAE J1939 connection and provide additional vehicle diagnostic information.


GPS fleet tracking software is important for small businesses as it helps coordinate operations efficiently, maximize profits, and solve common challenges such as theft, routing and dispatching, detentions, invoicing, fuel efficiency, vehicle maintenance, and operating costs.


Solutions and benefits of GPS fleet tracking services include route optimization, reducing theft and unauthorized driving, improving asset utilization, predicting vehicle health, tracking and improving driver behavior and performance, and on-site hourly invoicing.


When choosing a vehicle tracking system, consider factors like easy installation, feature set, quality of location tracking, customer satisfaction, ease of use, and cost. Hassle-free installation, essential features, reliable location tracking, good customer support, user-friendliness, and reasonable cost are important considerations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a vehicle tracking system cost?

The price of a GPS tracking system greatly depends on the features you need and the number of vehicles in your fleet. A quality system with basic features can start as low as $7/month per vehicle. Other systems go for upwards of $20 and include more features. It’s best to define exactly which features you need before assessing prices.

Do all GPS trackers need a SIM card?

No, but most commercial GPS units do require a SIM card of some kind or data connection to work. This can be through a SIM card, a 3G/4G connection, or in a few cases, a wifi connection. A few very basic trackers don’t require any sort of data connection and instead use radio frequency to communicate location.

Do I need a special app to view my fleet vehicle locations?

Yes, you will need some sort of application or software in order to see the location data your GPS tracker is collecting. This can be an app on your phone, a desktop computer application, or even a web-based dashboard . Most tracking services will provide some sort of software for GPS monitoring.

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