Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost

Date Time: January 09, 2024
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Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost

If you only need one GPS locator, the cost of a fleet GPS tracking system is only $20, plus the monthly GPS subscription fee. For details, you can chat with our engineers at hello@yuweitek.com.

Fleet GPS Tracking Systems Cost

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking uses telematics to give fleet managers, business owners, and leaders greater insight into fleet operations. With a combination of software and hardware devices, fleet managers can gather real-time information about their fleets to make data-driven business decisions. Modern fleet tracking systems go beyond basic information like vehicle location and offer greater visibility into everyday fleet operations, including driver behavior monitoring, vehicle maintenance management, and deeper integrations with other business platforms. When paired with artificial intelligence, GPS fleet tracking tools can revolutionize a business by grouping millions of available data points into easy-to-digest and actionable insights.

Benefits of Investing in GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking technology offers numerous benefits for businesses, including creating accountability among employees, lowering long-term operational costs, improving safety for employees and the public, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Some businesses also use GPS fleet tracking to stay connected to their drivers through mobile apps that streamline job assignment and communication.

Industries That Use GPS Fleet Tracking

Businesses across various industries, including trucking and transport fleets, services and specialty trades, construction companies, retail and manufacturing companies, nonprofits, government agencies, and passenger service fleets, can benefit from GPS fleet tracking. Check out our customer stories for more ways these technologies can create more efficient business operations.

Types of Fleet Tracking Devices

All fleet tracking solutions require a small telematics device to be installed. The three most common devices are managed install devices, self-install devices, and phone-based tracking solutions.

Driver Apps for GPS Fleet Tracking

Mobile apps can provide additional functionality for GPS fleet management software, including messaging, document storage, job management, digital checklists, and journey management.

GPS Fleet Tracking Features

The GPS fleet tracking function uses GPS technology to monitor the location, speed, and direction of vehicles in real-time, and transmit relevant data to the fleet management system for managers to view, analyze, and dispatch in real-time. This feature can help companies improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen vehicle safety supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does GPS fleet tracking work?

GPS fleet tracking uses satellite technology or cellular towers to monitor the current status and activity of tracked assets such as vehicles, equipment, and workers. The data is transmitted to a cloud-based software application where it is analyzed and presented on a real-time dashboard.

How accurate is GPS fleet tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is highly accurate, with location information being accurate to within three meters. When operating in areas without service, the system can store data on the device and upload it when service resumes to ensure data integrity.

What vehicles can I track with GPS fleet tracking?

You can track various land-based vehicles including cars, vans, trucks, trailers, construction equipment, and unpowered assets. For more details, refer to our article outlining the types of vehicles that can be tracked.

How do I access GPS fleet tracking software?

Modern fleet tracking systems are cloud-based and can be accessed through web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Safari. This allows for easy access to important data from anywhere with an internet connection.

What training is provided?

Most GPS fleet tracking providers offer live and on-demand virtual training options. In addition to instructor-led courses, our software platform includes on-demand videos, tutorials, and other training materials for users to learn at their own pace.

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