Full HD 1080 Dash Camera

Full HD vs 1080 Dash Camera

Date Time: November 09, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Full HD 1080 Dash Camera

YUWEI is a Chinese AI 4G dash camera supplier, offering Full HD vs. 1080p HD dash camera installations. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult our fleet engineers.


The YUWEI V5 is an intelligent dash camera designed to fit your vehicle. This compact and stylish model provides more windshield space and helps keep your focus on the road. With 1080p recording, you'll capture full high-definition video footage.


In essence, a 1080p dash camera can deliver "astonishing" video quality, which is the current "standard" for dash camera quality, a feature that our V5 model is equipped with.


Here are the specifications for our V5 dash cam:

Parameter classification

Parameter item



Basic parameters


device integrate with ADAS cam

Product Type

4G DVR Car Video Terminal

network standard

4G Global Band



Front camera

(ADAS Camera)

1080P, MIPI Camera, H:112°V:55°

In-car camera

AHD 720P, with light sensor/infrared night vision,

DSM camera

AHD Camera, single pass, infrared night vision, H=60° V=42°

4th Channel camera

AHD 720P

Hardware function






Support: GPS+BDS




8 ohms 1.5 watts, 1 channel, with sound cavity


Built-in dual silicon microphone design


3-axis accelerometer


micro 5Pin USB

USB×1, data interface

BMW connector



Left turning signal cable

Right turning signal cable

SOS Cable (Panic button)



SIM card holder

Micro SIM

TF card holder

TF×2 (Card 1 and Card 2 support circular storage)

Power supply

Power supply

12V/24V power supply


Indicator light


Reset button

Long press the power button for 8 seconds to reset

indicator light

2-color indicator

Alarm key

Standard emergency alarm connector




GPS Antenna

Built-in ceramic antenna

4G antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

WIFI antenna

Built-in FPC+IPEX transposon

Memory card

4G~2TB, patented DXR streaming storage format

Electrical Specification

Operating temp.


Storage temp.


Static Protection

6KV contact, 10KV air

Vibration test

Car vibration

Current consumption

When the working voltage is 12V, the current is from 500mA to 1A (depending on whether the algorithm is turned on, etc.)

When ACC OFF: ≤3mA

Other quality requirements

According to JT/T794 standard (including hard test, soft test, reliability, quality, etc.)

Product specification pictures:

1080p HD Dash Camera

1080p HD Dash Camera

Red light

Equipment situation

Light status

Before the program is ready

Solid on

during upgrade

On for 1 second, off for 4 seconds

update completed

camera lost

On for 0.1 seconds, off for 0.1 seconds, flashing 4 times at a time, flashing once every 4 seconds

SIM card missed

On for 1 second, off for 1 second

other status

Always off


Green light

Equipment situation

light status

Before the program is ready

Solid on

during upgrade

On for 1 second, off for 4 seconds

update completed

The card is recording normally

On for 1 second, off for 1 second

Unrecorded card abnormal

On for 0.1 seconds, off for 0.1 seconds, flashing 4 times at a time, flashing once every 4 seconds

other status

Always bright

TF card/SIM card/USB location

1080p Dash Camera


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1080p Dash Camera Q&A

Is 1080p suitable for dashboard cameras?

A 1080P dashboard camera can provide excellent recording quality, capturing vivid details of the road. With high-definition resolution, you can get clear video clips, which will provide better visibility and accuracy when identifying key details such as license plates and road signs.

Is a full HD dashboard camera better than a 4K dashboard camera?

4K resolution is 3849 x 2160 pixels, four times the number of pixels of the traditional 1920 x 1080 pixels. Although it may sound complicated, in the image, you can clearly see that the enlarged 4K image is clearer and more detailed. However, the higher the pixel, the higher the required storage capacity and flow, and it will be more expensive. Generally speaking, 1080p is enough for a fleet to use.

How long can a 1080p dashboard camera record?

In 1080p high definition, you can record up to four hours before the camera cycles through the recording. The amount of data recorded depends on the size of the SD card. 32GB can record about 2 hours of footage, 64GB about 4 hours, and 128GB about 8 hours.

What is the best video quality for a dashboard camera?

A good resolution for a dashboard camera is at least 1080P. This means that the video recorded by a 1080P dashboard camera has a total of 2,073,600 pixels, resulting in a high-definition image. Higher resolutions, such as 1440P or 4K, will produce better quality videos but will also result in larger file sizes.

Is 720P suitable for dashboard cameras?

720P is the most basic resolution for dashboard cameras, which means the camera can capture video at 1280x720 pixels. Although 720P may not provide the best video quality, it still provides good quality, and you will be able to easily identify license plates and road signs.
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