YUWEI Dashboard Camera exported to Dubai

Date Time: November 09, 2023
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YUWEI's dashboard camera product has received widespread recognition in the Dubai market for its excellent performance and stability, providing efficient and reliable tracking and management solutions for local truck fleets. The product boasts high-definition image recording and a range of vehicle tracking and management features, including GPS positioning, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), BSM (Vehicle Status Monitoring), and 1080p high-definition video. These features contribute to enhancing the operational efficiency and management level of the truck fleet.

LIJIE Dashboard Camera exported to Dubai

In Dubai, a globally important logistics hub with complex traffic conditions, fleet management is crucial to ensure the efficiency and safety of truck transportation. YUWEI's dashboard camera product is equipped with a self-developed fleet management software platform by YUWEI, which enables real-time monitoring of truck locations and driving status through advanced GPS positioning and vehicle data collection technology. Meanwhile, the ADAS function provides driving assistance information such as lane departure warnings and collision alerts, effectively enhancing driving safety. The BSM feature offers real-time vehicle status updates, including key information like speed, engine RPM, and fuel consumption, which helps improve vehicle maintenance and repair efficiency while optimizing fleet operational efficiency. 1080p high-definition video provides live monitoring of the cargo status and transportation conditions inside the vehicle.

YUWEI's success in the Dubai market showcases the superiority of its products and the competitiveness of Chinese companies in overseas markets. Moving forward, YUWEI will continue to focus on developing innovative and high-quality products for driving safety, providing better services to global consumers.

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