Driver Fatigue Monitoring System
Car DMS cameras

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Date Time: January 16, 2024
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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

YUWEI DMS driver status monitoring system supports driver ID recognition, fatigue monitoring, distraction monitoring, and other driving behavior monitoring, issuing timely alerts to remind the driver. Suitable for logistics, freight, public transportation, and intelligent driving, it aims to enhance driving safety and streamline fleet management.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Features

Aberrant Behavior Detection and Alarm:

Fatigue, distraction, phone call, smoking, no driver, no mask, no seat belt, camera block, infrared blocking glasses, and drinking water detection.

ID Recognition:

Driver identification with support.


Remote Monitoring and Alarm:

Real-time driver status monitoring via the user platform, automatic alarms for abnormal behavior.


Audio Alarm Video Alarm:

Device issues alarms and records video upon detecting aberrant driving behaviors.


All-Weather Working Capability:

Strong adaptability, works 24/7, not limited by weather conditions or day/night shifts.


Auto Sensitivity Adjustment:

Starts or stops working according to vehicle speed.


WIFI Setting:

Parameters can be accessed and set on a mobile phone via WiFi connection.


Powerful Compatibility:

Supports AHD/CVBS/fast ethernet output and RTSP, ISO17215, and other network protocols.


Why do we need a Driver Fatigue Monitoring System?

Nearly 90% of vehicle accidents are caused by unhealthy driving behaviors. The system monitors drivers continuously, issuing warnings for abnormal driving behavior, reducing accidents and improving fleet management efficiency. It benefits vehicle operations companies, insurance companies, and government regulatory authorities.


YUWEI® Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is dedicated to Safe Driving


Smart & automatic alarm for safe driving

Visual imaging and deep learning technologies for facial identification and behavior detection.

Audible and visual alarms for abnormal driving behaviors.


Driver Status Monitoring

All-weather working capability.

Flexible operation via mobile phone with WiFi connection.


Audible & Video Alarm:

Automatically issues alarms and records video for abnormal driving behaviors.


Auto Sensitivity Adjustment:

Records vehicle position and speed through GPS, automatically stopping when speed is below the set threshold.

Applicable in various scenarios, including buses, school buses, trucks, sediment trucks, bogies, oil tankers, etc., to enhance driving safety.

Car DMS cameras

Sensor Model:1MCOMS
Sensor Size:4-Jan
Pixel Size:2.8um*2.8um
Effective Pixels:1288*728
Focal Length:3.91mm
Depth of Field:0.7m---∞
Focus Distance:0.9
IR Filter:940nm
Optical Angle of View (FOV - D/H/V):75°/60°/42°
Center Resolution:>=500line
Operating Voltage:5V-16V
Operating Current:5V:150mA-220mA
Video Output:AHD-720P
Video System:PAL/NTSC
Product Dimensions:78*85*50
Operating Temperature:-20°----70°
Storage Temperature:-30°----85°

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