360 Camera System for Truck

The Best 360 Camera System for Truck

Date Time: January 16, 2024
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360 Camera System for Truck

In the course of vehicle operation, blind spots pose a significant safety challenge for drivers. Despite the use of rear-view mirrors and cameras, there are still areas that may remain uncovered, presenting potential risks to drivers. To address this issue, China YUWEI has introduced an innovative 360-degree truck camera system that not only eliminates blind spots but also enhances the overall safety of the vehicle.

 360 camera for truck

Hazards and Challenges of Truck Blind Spots 

All vehicles have blind spots, areas obstructed by the vehicle body or machinery, posing a significant danger to drivers. Even with rear-view mirrors and single-view cameras, drivers may still be unable to fully grasp the surroundings of the vehicle. Research indicates that even at speeds as low as 5 kilometers per hour, a vehicle can travel a distance of 10 meters within the time it takes for a driver to scan four mirrors, assess, and react.


Features of YUWEI 360 Camera System HD Kit

YUWEI's 360 camera system HD kit eliminates blind spots and enhances the driver's awareness of the vehicle's surroundings using four cameras. Here are the key features of this system:

1. Warning Icons and Real-time Viewing:

Calibrated cameras capture all surrounding areas, including blind spots of the vehicle or machinery, transmitting real-time images with no delay to the monitor (onboard display screen).


2. Customizable Views:

The monitor view can be customized based on the vehicle or machinery's working environment, providing flexible monitoring options.


3. Recording Functionality:

High-definition images can be recorded to an external mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) for providing robust evidence during accident investigations.


Working Principle of YUWEI 360 Camera System

The YUWEI 360 camera system is an intelligent camera monitoring system that utilizes four wide-angle cameras in conjunction with 360-degree technology, offering the driver a complete real-time panoramic view of the vehicle for low-speed maneuvering. The four real-time images undergo processing in an electronic control unit (ECU), producing a clear, single, smooth, and real-time image transmitted to the driver's display.


Powerful Features of YUWEI's 4-Channel Truck Camera System

YUWEI's 4-channel truck camera system provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for trucks and commercial vehicles:


1. Complete Coverage:

Through the installation of front, rear, and side cameras at elevated positions, it achieves coverage of the entire side of the vehicle, including blind spot areas.


2. Customizable Expansion:

Users can add more cameras as needed, supporting up to 8 channels for extended coverage.


3. Wireless Connectivity and GPS Positioning:

Supports 4G/LTE wireless connectivity for real-time viewing and remote management. Additionally, it features built-in GPS functionality for real-time tracking of vehicle location and speed.


This 360-degree truck camera system is a remarkable technological innovation that not only elevates vehicle safety levels but also provides drivers with a more comprehensive driving perspective. By eliminating blind spots, the YUWEI tracking management system offers a reliable and secure solution for fleet managers and drivers, helping them navigate various challenges on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a truck 360 camera system cost?

A single YUWEI truck camera costs US$23. Generally, a truck 360 camera system needs to be equipped with a 360 panoramic camera, a driving recorder, a reversing camera, an ADAS camera, a DSM camera, a DVR host, and a vehicle display screen, so It constitutes a complete system. You can communicate with us at (hello@yuweitek.com) for specific costs.

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