Corporate Fleet Vehicle Monitor Tracking Management

Corporate Fleet Vehicle Monitor Tracking Management

Date Time: January 17, 2024
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Corporate Fleet Vehicle Monitor Tracking Management

Corporate Fleet Vehicle is a fleet of vehicles responsible for carrying out transportation tasks and is an essential part of logistical support. YUWEI's developed fleet monitoring system effectively assists businesses in tracking and managing their vehicles. Below is an introduction to our fleet monitoring system. For inquiries, please contact us at

Corporate Fleet Vehicle Monitor Tracking Management

Real-time Monitoring and Historical Playback

Real-time tracking of vehicle location

Historical playback of vehicle trajectories

Video monitoring

Historical trajectories

  - Trajectory tracking

  - Speed recording

  - Areas passed through

  - Mileage statistics

  - Violation alerts

  - Real-time road conditions

  - Stop records

Historical playback allows viewing of the vehicle's historical trajectory, position, speed, mileage, and other information within a selected timeframe.

Vehicle Dispatch and Dispatching Process

1. Dispatching process

2. Vehicle scheduling

3. Attendance scheduling

4. Estimated cost per trip

5. Emergency vehicle dispatch—Immediate dispatch without approval

6. Driver bidding—Drivers bid for tasks based on vehicle condition

7. Ride-sharing—Predicting vehicle travel trajectories

8. Route planning

9. Message alerts

Intelligent dispatch for efficient vehicle utilization, operational efficiency, and reduced labor and time costs.

Attendance scheduling: Supervision of attendance, including late arrivals, early departures, overtime, and absenteeism.

Dispatch Management

Emergency vehicle dispatch:

Immediate dispatch without approval.

Real-time ride-sharing:

Real-time ride-sharing based on user location to enhance vehicle utilization.

Driver assignment message push:

Dispatch order sent to driver's mobile app, updating task status.

Driver Management and Task Statistics

1. Driver execution

QR code check-in for effective attendance management and prevention of unauthorized vehicle use.

2. Vehicle usage records

Records of check-in and check-out times, mileage, costs, etc.

3. Cost records and statistics

Aggregated analysis of multiple costs for drivers and vehicles.

Task Statistics

Statistical analysis of task execution based on driver performance, providing decision-making insights.

Driver Training and Safety Management

5. Driver training

Upload training materials, link to work processes, and passenger evaluations.

6. Driver assessment

Evaluation of overall driver performance, considering factors like cleanliness, equipment checks, proactive task execution, and service ratings.

Safety Management

1. Traffic violation record query

Monthly query of vehicle violations and infractions.

2. Auxiliary monitoring—Driver behavior

Real-time monitoring of driver behavior with alarm alerts.

3. Auxiliary monitoring—Vehicle active safety

Real-time monitoring of vehicle behavior with alarm alerts.

Fleet Operations and Vehicle Management

1. Vehicle management

Reminders for vehicle maintenance intervals, annual inspections, insurance renewals, and real-time vehicle status tracking.

2. Vehicle maintenance management

Application for damaged vehicle repairs, recording repair intervals, locations, project details, and estimated costs.

3. Vehicle inspection

Pre-trip inspection calendar display with selected inspection time, vehicle, and itemized checklist.

4. ETC vehicle expenses

Viewing of consumption and recharge records for ETC management.

5. Fueling records integration

Automatic calculation of vehicle fuel expenses through interface data or report system.

6. Fuel level monitoring

Statistical analysis of vehicle fuel consumption trends over the last 7 days or months.


7. Accident management

Recording details of each vehicle accident, including parties involved, responsible party, location, and time. Direct link to corresponding training videos and mandatory viewing before resuming operations.

8. Data Visualization Display

Large screen display of project and department data, analyzing decision-making directions.

The above details the functionalities of the Vehicle Management System, covering real-time monitoring, dispatch processes, driver management, task statistics, safety management, vehicle management, after-sales service, and more.

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