FHD 1080P Dash Cam Manufacturers

FHD 1080P Dash Cam

Date Time: May 20, 2024
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FHD 1080P Dash Cam Manufacturers

YUWEI is a Manufacturer of FHD 1080P Dash Cams. We are based in the manufacturing powerhouse of "China" and our factory is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality management systems. We research and produce the V5 dash cam with GPS positioning functionality, supporting ultra-wide angle, 1080P ultra-high definition real-time recording, 4G communication for remote real-time monitoring, automatic parking photo capture, IVMS platform video preview and download, large-capacity 128GB TF card storage, and up to 16 hours of video recording.

FHD 1080P Dash Cams

dash cam fhd 1080p

Dash Cam Features

- 1080P FHD Full HD Camera: Starts recording upon power on

dash cam 1080p fhd

- Automatic Parking Photo Capture: Continues recording for 5 minutes after ACC is off or power is cut, with automatic video saving after power-off

- Remote Photo Capture: Obtain photos remotely through the APP to monitor driving safety

- Automatic Collision Recording/Locking: Automatically records and locks emergency videos upon collision, generating fixed emergency video files

- Loop Recording: Automatically overwrites unnecessary video footage without deleting locked videos

fhd 1080p dash cam

- 128GB TF Card: Supports up to 128GB TF card, capable of storing 16 hours of real-time video

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- Real-time GPS Positioning and Track Playback: Built-in high-precision GPS module for remote real-time positioning and monitoring, driving track playback, collision notification, overspeed alarm, and more


Manufacturer of FHD 1080P Dash Cams

Our FHD 1080P Dash Cams are currently used in countries including China, India, Brazil, the EU, Mexico, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and many others. They are applied in taxis, buses, and trucks worldwide. We are your best supplier.

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Dash Cam Q&A

How is the quality of YUWEI products?

Our dash cams have not only passed China Compulsory Certification (CCC) but also obtained certifications from the US FCC, EU CE, UK UKCA, and Thailand NBTC. We are continuously applying for regulatory compliance in other countries. With authoritative certifications, our quality is assured.

Where is your dash cam factory located?

Our headquarters is in Shenzhen, China, with factories in Dongguan and Wuhan, Hubei Province. Covering a total area of 15,000 square meters, we have mechanized production. You are welcome to visit.

Do your dash cams support ADAS and DSM?

As you mentioned, our V5 dash cam supports ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring) systems. You can purchase with confidence.

What types of fleets are suitable for the dash cam?

Our product is suitable for all types of vehicles, including buses, trucks, trailers, school buses, sanitation vehicles, dump trucks, excavators, trailers, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. If you are a fleet manager, feel free to email us (hello@yuweitek.com) to discuss finding the best solution for your fleet.
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