Fleet Telematics Companies

Fleet Telematics Companies in China

Date Time: November 15, 2023
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Fleet Telematics Companies

Fleet Managers,

Are you still facing these management issues?

How to reduce fuel consumption

Unable to know the location of vehicles

Is the vehicle's driving route reasonable?

Is the driver's operation efficient?

Does the driver have a sense of safe driving?

Need to wait for driver feedback when the vehicle has an abnormality


If managers have the above worries, choosing YUWEI's fleet telematics system will greatly improve the efficiency of fleet management, share the tedious matters of fleet management for managers, and bring a more digitized and visual service experience.

Fleet telematics companies

Using our fleet telematics management system will elevate your business to a new level. The fleet remote information processing system allows you to remotely manage your fleet using a mobile phone, iPad, or desktop computer. Our solution is tailored for the effective and efficient management of long-haul operator fleets, including tow and transport vehicles, buses, trucks, Matatus, taxis, and enterprises.

Features of the Fleet telematics System

  • Network GPS real-time tracking

  • Driver behavior and score - hard braking, sharp turns, driver speeding

  • Fleet vehicle maintenance - reminders based on mileage scores

  • Ability to re-upload location data in weak GSM signal conditions

  • Engine idle time - delivery delays, unnecessary delays on the road, better route planning

  • Reports - automatic report delivery to your email, with over 100 reports available for custom selection

  • Remote engine disable or enable

  • Record mileage information

  • Historical playback

  • Reduce overtime

  • Emergency button - real-time response in case of danger

Advantages of YUWEI's Fleet telematics System

Comprehensive understanding of vehicle operation through data, improvement of driving habits, avoidance of maintenance, and increased attendance rates

Track fuel consumption performance, view data on factors affecting fuel consumption, provide optimization direction, and reduce fuel consumption

Route analysis function can help customers understand their own operational management issues and enhance customer profitability

Improve driving safety, analyze known issues in advance, and prevent problems before they occur.


Fleet Telematics Q&A

What is fleet management telematics?

A fleet telematics system enables a commercial vehicle fleet to share information to their central office, such as a dispatching office. Usually a fleet telematics system is comprised of a stationary fleet communication system and a mobile vehicle system.

What does telematics mean in a vehicle?

Vehicle telematics combines GPS systems, onboard vehicle diagnostics, wireless telematics devices, and black box technologies to record and transmit vehicle data, such as speed, location, maintenance requirements and servicing, and cross-reference this data with the vehicle's internal behavior.

What is the difference between telematics and GPS?

It is important for businesses looking to improve their fleet operations to understand the distinction between GPS and telematics. While GPS offers location-based data, telematics goes a step further by incorporating real-time diagnostics information, such as equipment use, location, and other essential indicators.

How much is fleet telematics?

The remote information processing system is equipped with various hardware devices such as in-vehicle cameras, Mobile DVRs, in-vehicle displays, terminal software, and other products, with prices ranging from $300 to $500. For specific quotes, please contact us via email at hello@yuweitek.com.

Why new telematics in fleet management is necessary?

It also improves safety on the road and in the field. Plus, because telematics captures driving behavior like speeding and harsh braking, fleets can improve driver training and coaching to further develop a culture of fleet safety and reduce driver behavior-related service expenses.

How does telematic system work?

Telematics systems gather data including vehicle location, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics and vehicle activity, and visualize this data on software platforms that help fleet operators manage their resources.
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