Forklift Camera Systems & MDVR Solution

Date Time: December 04, 2023
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Challenges exist in forklift management

As the main force of material handling equipment, forklifts are used in ports, stations, airports, cargo yards, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers, and other places, greatly improving handling efficiency. However, their working environment is often complex and sometimes in the same space as people and vehicles, and job safety heavily relies on the driver's immediate operation. It has always been difficult to avoid serious safety accidents caused by blind spots, fatigue, speeding, turning, and other factors, which often result in casualties, production line downtime, loss compensation, leadership accountability, and other serious consequences. Therefore, forklift safety management is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored in production management!

forklift wireless camera system

YUWEI Forklift Camera Systems

YUWEI independently developed high-definition wireless forklift camera monitoring system solution is specifically designed for forklifts. It can effectively prevent accidents and accurately observe the precise position of personnel. The system has been widely used in factories, logistics parks, port terminals, and other scenarios that require forklift operations.

Forklift Camera Systems

Forklift Camera Systems Configuration

Mobile DVR, DASH CAM, vehicle-mounted cameras, alarms, ADAS, DSM, reversing cameras, displays, etc.

Forklifts have large blind spots when moving forward or backward, and drivers checking the road conditions with their heads often lead to omissions. By adding cameras to the forklift body, the installation of a "perspective eye" can solve the problem of cargo/vehicle blocking the driver's vision, greatly helping the driver to prevent collisions with people/vehicles, and corners, effectively improving industrial safety levels!

Using AI technology, it can detect the dangerous status of the work area in real-time and give warnings. Once obstacles or personnel enter the danger zone, the driver can receive dynamic collision prevention warnings. This technology can help drivers avoid danger, prevent accidents, and reduce pressure in various complex road conditions, providing rich driver assistance, environmental perception, and other functions, thus effectively improving personnel and vehicle safety.

Main functions of the AI forklift collision prevention warning system:

1. DMS driver monitoring

DMS driver monitoring technology can monitor and detect driver fatigue, lack of concentration, and potential dangers and illegal behaviors (such as eating and smoking):

① Fatigue driving identification and warning;

② Attention distraction behavior identification and warning;

③ Driver behavior management;

2. ADAS monitoring camera

Two ultra-wide-angle cameras (180° angle) with non-glare design are installed in front and rear of the vehicle's roof rack, allowing the forklift to monitor the key monitoring area with full coverage, and can provide personnel detection even in poor lighting environments.

If the driver is not wearing a seatbelt, there will be a warning reminder. The forklift cannot be started without a seatbelt, which is simple and safe. It supports wide voltage design and can be installed on gasoline and electric forklifts.

What is the price range of forklift camera systems?

The price of forklift camera systems varies depending on the supplier and configuration. Generally, a single onboard camera is $25 and the system price ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Specific prices can be obtained by contacting different suppliers for quotes.

What are some suppliers of forklift camera systems?

There are many suppliers of forklift camera systems, including but not limited to YUWEI, Hikvision, Dahua, Hanwha Techwin, Axis Communications, etc. 

What are some functions of forklift camera systems?

Forklift camera systems typically have the following functions:

- Real-time monitoring: Monitor the surroundings and operations of the forklift in real-time using cameras.

- Collision warning: Use AI technology to detect dangerous situations, and provide dynamic collision warnings to drivers if obstacles or personnel enter the danger zone.

- Driver monitoring: Use driver monitoring systems to detect fatigue driving, attention distraction, and other dangerous or non-compliant behaviors.

- Recording function: The camera system can record videos of forklift operations for accident investigation and training purposes.

Where are forklift cameras usually installed?

The installation position of forklift cameras usually depends on the camera type and forklift design. Common installation positions include:

- Front top: Used to monitor the road and obstacles in front of the forklift.

- Rear top: Used to monitor pedestrians or vehicles behind the forklift.

- Side: Used to monitor blind spots and prevent collisions with other forklifts or personnel.

Does forklift camera systems support GPS positioning?

Forklift camera systems usually support GPS positioning. By integrating with GPS modules, you can track the location of forklifts in real-time, and obtain location information when needed.  
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