Forklift Camera Systems

Forklift Fork Camera Systems

Date Time: January 16, 2024
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Forklift Camera Systems

Forklift camera systems have become a standard aid to forklift driver operations, providing improved safety and range of vision when maneuvering and storing loads, so drivers can work safer and more efficient. YUWEI's 1080P HD wireless forklift camera has a stable signal and a transmission range of up to 120 meters. With a 62° viewing angle, it increases the visibility range, solves blind spot problems, avoids accidents, and improves operational efficiency.

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Forklift fork camera system Features

1080P High Definition

1080P CMOS image sensor provides a clear view during forklift operation.

120M Transmission Distance

Stable signal, up to 120 meters wireless transmission distance.

Laser Positioning

Built-in laser positioning line helps the driver accurately operate the fork, avoiding damage to goods.

62°Viewing Angle

Wide visual range solves blind spot problems.

Magnetic Housing

No need for wiring, time-saving, and effortless.

Waterproof & Shock-resistant

IP69K waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant, durable, and suitable for forklifts to work outside.

Easy Power Supply

No additional power wiring installation, can be powered by an external battery.

Pinhole Lens

The small glass outside the lens protects it and prevents collisions with objects, extending its lifespan.

Mini Appearance

Compact and mini-sized camera, easily installed on a slim forklift arm.

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Increased Efficiency

YUWEI forklift camera provides a better view during operation, solving blind spot problems, allowing quick observation of the working area on the monitor, and placing the forks in the exact position. It makes your work time-saving and highly efficient.

Increased Safety

Low visibility around forklifts due to cargo obstructions can lead to collisions and accidents. YUWEI forklift cameras help drivers obtain a clear image in front of the vehicle, especially in areas where human blind spots exist, avoiding accidents.

Improved Comfort

The display saves drivers from strenuous posture adjustments to view cargoes, racks, and aisles, reducing muscle tension, lessening driver fatigue, and improving workability and efficiency.

HD Digital Wireless Camera System

1080P High Definition, making your work easier and more efficient. YUWEI forklift camera with a 1080P CMOS image sensor provides a clear view of the route and operation environment. LED lights make it clear and easy to load, unload, transport, and store goods at the exact position.

Wireless Forklift Camera System

62° forklift view + optional camera addition, eliminating blind spots. The front-view forklift camera extends the driver's operational visibility, with the option to add additional wireless cameras for a rear view to eliminate blind spots. This complete forklift camera system helps drivers avoid hitting cargoes, other material handling equipment, or even people.

Laser Positioning, Accurate Handling

The built-in laser positioning line solves handling inaccuracy and cargo damages. By projecting a red line, the driver can precisely control forks, avoiding damage to goods and improving operational efficiency. The laser positioning line also serves as a warning light when the forklift turns, reminding others to stay away and avoid collisions.

Convenient and Stable 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Transmission

2.4GHz digital wireless transmission for convenient and stable communication, with a distance of up to 120m.

Magnetic Housing for Wire-Free Installation

Simply place the magnetic forklift camera on the iron arm, and the camera firmly attaches to the forklift, providing a wire-free installation solution.

Save Complex Installation Procedures, Cutting Installation Costs

The wireless forklift camera can be powered by an external battery, eliminating the need for additional power wiring.

Waterproof & Shock-resistant

IP67 waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant, durable, and suitable for forklifts to work outside.

YUWEI's 1080P HD wireless forklift camera with a magnetic base is easy to install. It increases the visibility range of forklift operation and improves operational efficiency. When working with a wireless magnet rear-view camera, it can monitor both front and rear blind areas of forklifts to avoid collisions and accidents.

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