YUWEI Semi Truck Dash Cam

The best Semi Truck Dash Cam

Date Time: December 25, 2023
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YUWEI Semi Truck Dash Cam

YUWEI Semi Truck Dash Cam provides real-time in-vehicle monitoring videos and in-depth insights into vehicle performance and challenging road conditions.

Semi Truck Dash Cam

Driver Behavior Analysis

A powerful tool for monitoring and correcting driver behavior, such as addressing issues like drunk driving, fatigue, speeding, and failure to wear seat belts. The system provides alerts to prompt corrective actions.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Monitor your vehicles real-time location and track your car remotely through in-vehicle terminals like PC or the app.

1. Real-time monitoring of vehicle position, speed, and address.

2. Distance calculation based on the travel route.

3. Replay of historical driving routes on the map.

4. Various alerts, including device disconnection, engine on/off, parking, towing, entering/exiting geo-fences, speeding, idling, and low vehicle battery.

AI Dash Cam for Fleet Manufacturers

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Semi Truck Dash Cam Features:

Real-time GPS positioning and vehicle statistics

Real-time GPS, current speed, online/offline device status, battery status, odometer readings, and more!

Navigate to Your Vehicle

Voice-guided step-by-step instructions to locate your vehicle in open parking lots, streets, etc.

Alert Configuration and Logs

Program alerts based on user preferences: ignition, idling, speeding, etc.


Multiple geo-fencing options for circular/polygon shapes.

Benefits of Semi Truck Dash Cam:

Relieve drivers of false reporting responsibilities

Use video clips when reporting incidents to view the true nature of events.

Two-way Cabin Voice Communication

Provide guidance within the cabin through real-time video streaming.

Real-time Monitoring of Driver Behavior

Detect unsafe driving behavior through AI detection and automatic speeding alerts.

HD Video Transmission and Playback

Automatically record and retrieve key road and driver-facing HD footage to ensure driver safety.

Securely upload footage to the cloud

Easy access to uploaded cloud-based video and image materials.


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