Four camera dash cam with GPS

Date Time: November 11, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Introducing a 4-camera fleet dashcam solution with GPS tracking functionality, safeguarding your fleet while reducing insurance costs. 

Four camera dash cam

YUWEI is a Chinese dashcam supplier/seller, aiming to provide fleet dashcams and a user-friendly platform for real-time monitoring and historical trip details such as vehicle tracking, geofencing, video-based event messaging, etc. Our commercial dashcam solutions can help fleets save money by proving accident liability, improving training and driver education, and even saving on insurance costs.

YUWEI's fleet dashcams are equipped with GPS tracking features and a 4G Cat.1 communication module, capable of locating positions via the Global Positioning System (GPS) and BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS).

With built-in high-definition cameras, our dashcams can capture and upload clear essential videos, and send alerts to notify office managers in case of accidents or emergencies. 

As a result, drivers will receive help faster, vehicles and properties will be protected from further damage. Our fleet tracking devices also have collision alert, vibration alert functions, allowing you to monitor vehicle conditions at any time. Equipped with active safety algorithms, it can perform remote historical video retrieval and playback, satisfying remote management of private cars, online taxis, traditional taxis, financial auto insurance industries, official or business vehicles, etc.

Protect your vehicles and drivers with YUWEI's fleet tracking solution

YUWEI's 4-camera dashcam lenses record in high-definition video format every second, offering optional views (day or night), so you won't miss anything. V5 is a truly integrated fleet tracking system. We've combined dashcam video, vehicle diagnostics, GPS vehicle tracking, and other features in this platform, allowing you to customize solutions for fleets of any size. Get your fleet dashcams and all the remote information processing information needed to keep your business running smoothly.

Collision Alert

If the vehicle is accidentally hit or overturned, the device will sound an alarm.

Remote Video Monitoring

Monitor vehicle status anytime, anywhere in real-time, the device can take proactive screenshots in case of vehicle damage, providing real-time vehicle situation.

Video Playback History

Conveniently and quickly remotely access video files on the memory card.

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