4 channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus

Date Time: November 10, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

The 4-channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus is one of the best-selling vehicle-mounted DVR devices in China for 2023, equipped with multiple vehicle management functions to assist commercial fleets in tracking and managing their vehicles.

4 channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus

Product Features of the 4-channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus:

1. Supports up to 6 channels of AHD/CVBS video input, enabling simultaneous recording from multiple cameras and providing 12V power output for each camera, with a maximum output current of 0.5A per channel, facilitating the connection and management of multiple cameras on the vehicle.

2. 1 IPC video input interface with 12V power supply, allowing connection to front-facing IP cameras for higher resolution and wider angle video recording.

3. Provides 1 CVBS output for easy connection to external displays or monitors, allowing real-time viewing of recorded playback and current monitoring footage.

4. Built-in POE (12V) Ethernet port supports remote access and management of the vehicle-mounted DVR through the network, facilitating remote monitoring and management functions.

5. Supports HDD/SSD storage, as well as 1 SD card for backup (3G/4G/Wi-Fi model options), providing multiple storage options to ensure large-capacity storage and reliable backup for the security and integrity of recording data.

6. Built-in G-sensor and GPS module to record vehicle acceleration and location information, assisting in analyzing vehicle driving status and relevant data in the event of accidents.

7. Supports WIFI automatic download function to automatically upload video files to specified servers or cloud storage, facilitating remote access and management of recorded data.

8. Possesses anti-vibration and anti-impact capabilities under 40G acceleration, ensuring recording quality is unaffected in harsh vehicle working environments.

9. Automatically heats up the hard disk in -40°C weather to ensure normal operation in low-temperature environments without affecting device performance.

10. Built-in UPS provides 8-second delay power-off function to protect against data loss and prevent damage due to sudden power outages.

11. Operates normally within a wide working temperature range of -40°C to +80°C, adapting to various extreme environments to ensure device stability and reliability.

12. Provides wide voltage supply of 8V-36V, compatible with various vehicle power sources to ensure stable device operation.

Mobile DVR for vehicles Solution:

Applicable to industries such as coaches, trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixer trucks, school buses, refrigerated trucks, sanitation vehicles, and construction machinery, helping achieve real-time monitoring and management of vehicle fleets. Through the GPS/3G/4G/Wi-Fi functions of the vehicle-mounted DVR, in combination with the client software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software), it enables online fleet management and comprehensive vehicle monitoring functions, including real-time audiovisual monitoring, GPS positioning and vehicle tracking, electronic fence setting and alarms, voice intercom, in-vehicle temperature monitoring, customized alarms, driving route recording, PTZ control, fuel level detection, video search and download, report generation, and more. This assists fleet managers in real-time understanding of vehicle operating status, enhancing safety and efficiency.

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4 channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus

4 channel mobile DVR for vehicles for Bus

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4 channel mobile DVR for vehicles
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