Mobile DVR System for Trucks

Front and Rear Facing Camera DVR System for Trucks

Date Time: March 25, 2024
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Mobile DVR System for Trucks

The front and rear facing camera DVR system is highly suitable for HGV trucks, tractors, harvesters, agricultural equipment, construction vehicles, buses, sanitation vehicles, and other fleets. It features 1 to 8 closed-circuit television DVR systems with cabin monitors, enabling viewing and recording of everything around the vehicle.

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Hardware Configuration of Front and Rear Facing Camera DVR System for Trucks:

Multi-camera HD MDVR 

- available in 2, 4, 8, and 12 camera versions.

- Robust exterior design for durability.

- Up to 30 days of onboard storage space.

- 1080p HD video with audio.

- Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, and GPS connectivity.

- Optional 10-second GPS tracking of driver behavior.

- Alerts with images, videos, and images sent based on events.

 mobile dvr system for trucks

Dual HD Dash Cams with GPS

- Easy installation on the windshield.

- Sturdy construction.

- Dual 1080p HD adjustable cameras.

- Integrated in-vehicle audio microphone.

dual dash cam with gps

Various Specific Position Cameras

- Choose cameras specific to your application: side-mounted, reverse, rear-facing, driver-facing, dome cameras, etc.

- Robust construction, IP67 waterproof.

- Optional integrated audio.


Waterproof Backup Camera

Optional Driver Safety Monitoring

- DMSMAN artificial intelligence technology.

- Driver fatigue detection.

- Driver smoking detection.

- Smartphone usage detection.

- Driver facial recognition.

- Camera lens obstruction detection.


dsm camera

Optional Advanced Driver Assistance

- ADAS with AI technology onboard

- Following too closely.

- Lane compliance.

- Forward collision detection.

- Pedestrian detection.


Utilize these customizable rear view safety backup camera systems, dash cams, reverse sensors, driver fatigue systems, Mobile DVRs, and safety accessories, specially designed to meet the unique needs of truck, bus, and dump truck fleets, to work safely. Drive safely on busy roads, receive blind spot alerts, remotely transmit video clips, alert pedestrians with loud alarms when reversing, and record accidents or collisions for legal affairs. Utilize these vehicle safety solutions to reduce costs and save lives. Whether day or night, our systems provide drivers with comprehensive, real-time visual and auditory information to make the safest, most informed decisions on the road.

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