Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Best 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Date Time: March 26, 2024
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Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

YUWEI's connected fleet dash cam solution employs our front and rear dash cams with GPS tracking and driver-facing cameras to safeguard your fleet.

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Benefits of Dash Cams:

1. Real-time Fleet Insight

Utilizing connected in-vehicle cameras, artificial intelligence, and remote data processing to prevent accidents and identify potential safety and performance issues, thus reducing risks.

   1. GPS tracking and real-time viewing of driver routes and speeds

   2. Alerts to drivers when distraction or fatigue is detected

   3. Automatic video capture of road incidents


2. Streamlined Fleet Management

AI-driven remote data processing and camera footage combine to produce powerful dashboard reports, highlighting fleet safety and performance issues.

   1. Centralized fleet safety performance data

   2. Real-time alerts, notifications, and live streaming connections to cameras accessible anywhere

   3. Driver safety rankings for training purposes


3. Safety Driving Monitoring

AI Driver Monitoring System (DMS) checks driver alertness and alerts them upon detecting signs of fatigue or distraction.

   1. Monitors driver head position and eyes for signs of fatigue

   2. Records snapshots only when triggered by the driver or an event

   3. Cabin audio alerts


4. Remote Monitoring of Unsafe Driving Behavior

Combining real-time in-cabin and external video monitoring with remote data processing can offer remote driver guidance through a driver app.

   1. Severe driving events are flagged and shared with other drivers via the driver app

   2. Automatic video capture of events


5. Installation in Minutes

Hardware suitable for any vehicle type, with installation taking only 20 minutes, ideal for the most demanding commercial fleet operations.

   1. Equipped with HD 1080p reinforced dual front dash cams and an interior camera

   2. Highly reliable 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS wireless connections

   3. Various power connection options for device

   4. Includes G-sensor collision and hazard detection along with an emergency button

 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS

4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS supplier

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS

4G Dash Cam with GPS

best 4G Fleet Dash Cam with GPS

YUWEI's fleet AI dash cam system can better protect drivers by detecting signs of driver distraction or fatigue, aiding fleet management in strengthening driver oversight.

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