Full HD 1080p Car Dvr black box video camera recorder

Full HD 1080p Car Dvr black box video camera recorder

Date Time: September 15, 2023
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Full HD 1080p Car Dvr black box video camera recorder

Yuwei car dvr black box "V5" integrates ADAS, DSM, BSD, and other intelligent driving warning systems, 4G broadband wireless multimedia transmission, car driving recorder, can support 8-channel high-definition DVR monitoring and video storage, and provide real-time high-precision Beidou/GPS positioning. Yuwei is a manufacturer of intelligent car surveillance terminals located in China. Welcome to buy!

Full HD 1080p Car Dvr black box video camera recorder

1080p car dvr black box "V5" features:

1. The technical core of the forward-looking dangerous driving warning system and driver monitoring system has a leading international visual recognition algorithm engine, which is accurate and reliable.

2. It can support intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), and DSM (Driver State Monitoring).

3. Supports high-precision dual-mode GPS/Beidou positioning.

4. Supports 4-8 channels.

5. Supports hard disk data storage and SD card storage, dual storage to ensure data security.

6. UPR function (uninterrupted power supply recording) to ensure that the video is not lost during power failure.

7. Low voltage protection function to ensure the safety of vehicle batteries.

8. Patented storage media protection device prevents unauthorized disassembly of hard drives and SD cards.

9. Compatible with H.264/H265 video standard.

10. Unique streaming multimedia file storage method to ensure data security against manipulation.

The Yuwei 1080P full HD waterproof car rearview camera is easy to install and can be applied to various vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, logistics vehicles, transportation fleets, etc.

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A: Yes, we are a 20-year manufacturing factory.

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