HD Dash Camera from China

HD Dash Cam from China

Date Time: May 06, 2024
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HD Dash Camera from China

We recommend the top HD dash cam from China, the YUWEI V5. This product supports real-time GPS/BDS positioning and 4G network communication. It can connect to multiple cameras and sensors, integrating DSM, BSD, ADAS, and other image recognition algorithms. This enables real-time monitoring and alerts for both vehicle and driver status, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring safe driving. Additionally, by reading and analyzing driving data, it can provide reliable evidence for traffic accident investigation by traffic management authorities.


Features of the Dash Cam:

- Complies with certifications from FCC (USA), CE (EU), UKCA (UK), NBTC (Thailand).

- Supports up to 8 video inputs.

- 2.0T computing power, with support for DSM, BSD, ADAS, and 360 algorithms extension.

- H.265/H.264 encoding.

- Built-in storage.

- Built-in encryption chip to ensure data security.

- Supports Bluetooth functionality for wireless connection to law enforcement devices, making driving data transmission more convenient.

- Expandable WiFi functionality.

- Interfaces include RS232, RS485, USB, CAN bus, and others.


Specifications of the Dash Cam:

4 Channel Dash Cam

4 Channel Dash Camera

4 Channel Dash Cam supplier4 Channel Dash Cam factory

4 Channel Dash Cam

Dash Cam Q&A

How much does a dash cam front and rear cost?

Different models mean different configurations of dash cam (specifically reflected in camera video quality, storage capacity, display size, auxiliary functions, etc.). The cost of a single YUWEI car camera is US$25; for example, the price of Mobile DVR is US$120

*It is recommended that you can send us your functional requirements and request a quotation from us. We are a Chinese automobile monitoring manufacturer, and cost is our biggest advantage;

How do fleet dash cams work?

Fleet dash cams are usually installed inside vehicles and collect driving data through cameras and other sensors. They record video, sound, GPS location, vehicle speed, and more and store it on the device or in the cloud. These data can be used to analyze driving behavior, map driving paths, replay accidents, and more.

Are fleet dash cams legal?

Fleet dash cams are legal in most regions, but specific regulations vary by country. Some areas may have specific requirements for the use and data protection of the dash cam. It is recommended to consult with the relevant local agencies before installation and abide by relevant regulations.

Fleet dash cam solution

You can refer to "Fleet Management Solutions" to understand the management system solutions of yuweitek trucks, buses, school buses, buses, taxis and other fleets.


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