Dash Cam with Sim Card

The Best Dash Cam with Sim Card

Date Time: March 25, 2024
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Dash Cam with Sim Card

4-channel Car DVR - Car Camera System + GPS/WIFI/4G SIM Card Support - Storage: 256GB/2TB Hard Drive - YUWEI V5 with Remote GPS Monitoring + Real-time Camera View.

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The 4-channel system with SD Card support accommodates up to 256GB or 2TB HDD, providing real-time monitoring of images and GPS locations from the cameras. Ideal for complete surveillance systems for cars, trucks, or agricultural machinery, the GPS tracking device with WIFI and 4G SIM Card support offers perfect real-time driving overviews.

Equipped with remote GPS monitoring functionality, the in-car cameras provide GPS trackers and real-time GPS online vehicle tracking via smartphone apps (Android/iOS) or the IVMS platform's PC website, along with recording capabilities if connected cameras allow.

This system also offers real-time images from the cameras. It's a 4-channel car DVR that can connect to any four cameras mounted externally or internally (side, rear, reverse) of the vehicle. You can also contact our engineers to purchase products with 4-channel connectors (or use built-in vehicle cameras). External cameras with resolutions of 4 times Full HD or HD can be connected. The built-in recorder can simultaneously record from all four cameras.

Dash Cam Features

- 1 SD card slot, up to 256GB

- Can connect SSD disk or HDD 2.5" disk

- DVR can be connected to 12/24V power

Dash Cam Supports

- 4G SIM monitoring system, allowing real-time monitoring and recording with 4 cameras

- Real-time GPS location tracking and real-time image tracking with up to 4 cameras

IVMS Platform

- Map displays current location, time, speed, and GPS coordinates

- App supports real-time preview

- Monitor multiple devices and view driving history and routes

Optional Accessories

- Up to 4 external cameras can be connected via 4PIN connectors

Lockable Design:

- Tamper-proof lockable design prevents physical access to microSD card slot and SIM card slot, reducing risk of data tampering

Storage Card Slot:

- Camera has 1 slot accommodating up to 256GB storage card (card not included)

- Records stored at full HD resolution are approximately 2GB per recording channel per hour


Real-time Monitoring:

- Watch dash cam recordings anytime, anywhere


In-car Wifi Internet - 4G Hotspot:

- Simply insert a 4G SIM card to connect to internet

- Device creates 4G WiFi access point (data service must be activated on SIM card)

- Supports 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA, and 4G (LTE) data transmission, providing high-speed internet coverage almost anywhere

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