How much does a Forklift Camera System cost?

Forklift Camera System Price

Date Time: April 28, 2024
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How much does a Forklift Camera System cost?

Due to the highly concentrated operation required by drivers of vehicle mechanical equipment (forklifts, dump trucks, carts, etc.), it is prone to safety hazards when they are unable to observe the rear-view display screen of the vehicle and lack reverse radar warnings, leading to economic losses. The YUWEI AI camera system not only eliminates the need for reverse radar installation and complex wiring procedures but also can detect the presence of personnel in the work area in real-time and provide warnings, thereby improving the efficiency of vehicle operation, eliminating safety hazards, and avoiding economic losses. The IP68 waterproof display is widely used for outdoor, high humidity, large dust, underground operations, and rainy season environments for mechanical equipment vehicle operation safety monitoring.


How much does a Forklift Camera System cost

Waterproof Vehicle-Mounted Display

- 9-inch high-definition waterproof display supports 2-channel video input, with a fully sealed pressure-balanced patented design, IP68 waterproof rating, industrial-grade DSP and OSD menus for setting image mirroring and normal imaging, reversing screen delay, and trigger priority application functions.

- DC8~32V wide-range operating voltage, independent power output, pulse voltage protection for load dumping, reverse polarity protection for external power supply, LED constant current and constant voltage protection to avoid improper use and ensure shelf life.


AI Vehicle-Mounted Camera

- AI camera, 130° ultra-wide-angle, 2 million high-definition pixels, IP69K waterproof rating, waterproof signal output line, can be installed at any angle.


Connection Line

- Aviation head connection line, good anti-interference, low impedance, minimal signal transmission attenuation.


Product Parameters

Waterproof Display (MHD-751)

- Color LCD screen: 9-inch IPS screen

- Resolution: 1024RGB(H) X 600(V)dot

- Waterproof rating: IP68

- Video input: 2-channel video input

- Display mode: Single screen

- Video signal input: CVBS/720P/1080P

- OSD menu function: Supports reverse screen trigger priority, delay, mirroring, Chinese/English language

- Surge and load dumping protection: ISO16750-2 standard (24V system Us=174V, Ri=4Ω, td=350ms)

- Body tail line: 2-meter integral line

- Operating temperature: -20℃ to +70℃

- Storage temperature: -30℃ to +80℃

- Operating voltage: DC11-32V


AI Camera (CHD-122MAI)

- Effective pixels: 1920(H) X 1080(V)

- Horizontal clarity: 1080P

- Detection function: Pedestrian/vehicle detection warning

- Alarm I/O: Alarm

- Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥48dB(AGC Off)

- Video output: AHD 1080P

- Housing material: Aluminum alloy

- Waterproof rating: IP69K

- Operating voltage: DC12-24V

- Operating temperature: -20℃ to +60℃

- Storage temperature: -30℃ to +70℃

- Vibration resistance level: GB∕T 2423.56-2018 standard (random 5G vibration)

- Body interface: Aviation socket


Forklift Camera System Price

The cost of a single forklift-mounted camera is $25 USD. Forklift camera systems need to include Mobile DVR, reverse cameras, side cameras, DSM cameras, etc.; costs will increase accordingly! Contact us for a quote (

Forklift Camera Q&A

What are the features of Forklift Camera System?

Waterproof, night vision, G-Sensor, 3D imaging, split screen, built-in GPS, built-in GSM, parking lines, ADAS, voice interaction, 5G SIM card. Contact us for more OEM details.

What other products do you offer besides Forklift Camera System?

Parking sensors, parking assist systems, reverse cameras, monitors, reverse radars, license plate cameras, wireless rearview cameras. Please contact us for more OEM details.

Which languages does the Rear View Cameras support in the backend?

The system supports multiple language settings such as Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, etc., suitable for more countries and regions.

Why choose China YUWEI?

We are the source factory with over 25 years of experience in the industry of 360-degree car cameras and rearview cameras. Our products, such as reverse cameras, 360-degree onboard cameras, and GPS-enabled dash cams, have the highest market share in China. Compatible with 99.9% of vehicle models, allowing older vehicles to enjoy cutting-edge technology in safety and affordability. We cooperate with over 50 car dealerships (Dongfeng, BYD, etc.) and 5000+ automobile showrooms (4S stores). Optional top-notch precision cameras.
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