Truck Camera System Price

How Much Does a Truck Camera System Cost?

Date Time: May 31, 2024
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Truck Camera System Price

Our truck camera system includes a front and rear dash cam with GPS, MDVR, reverse camera, 360 camera, ADAS camera, DSM camera, HOD camera, vehicle monitor, and IVMS system. The cost of our MDVR unit is $180, and our vehicle cameras are priced at $25 each.

Truck Camera System Price

Challenges in Truck Tracking Management

Trailers play one of the most demanding and critical roles in logistics transportation. Transporting high-value assets and goods requires robust security monitoring. Additionally, managing driver behavior is crucial for long-distance trips. Challenges faced by trailers include:


- Monitoring Areas: Ensuring the monitoring area suits the length and dimensions of the trailer.

- Detachable Trailers: Systems need to be easily detachable for efficient management.

- Driver Fatigue and Accident Risks: Addressing fatigue from long hours of driving and crossing high-risk accident areas.

- Security of Valuable Goods: Implementing strong and secure solutions to protect valuable cargo during transport.


How Much Does a Truck Camera System Cost

YUWEI Truck Camera System Solution

YUWEI logistics solutions offer a comprehensive and efficient system designed to streamline logistics operations. It provides real-time tracking, monitoring, and reporting functionalities to optimize supply chain processes. With advanced features like route optimization, asset tracking, and data analytics, YUWEI logistics solutions enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and drive overall business success in the logistics industry.


Truck Camera System Features

Vehicle Management

- Recording the entire journey

- Mileage counting

- Real-time and historical GPS

- Real-time streaming and playback

- Cargo temperature and humidity

- Door status anti-theft

- Fuel monitoring

 Truck Camera System Price

Driver Management

- Driving attendance and work hours statistics

- Reckless driving behavior detection


- SOS in emergencies

- Driving coaching

 Truck Camera System Price

AI Active Safety

- Protection via precise AI calculations: ADAS, DMS, BSD

- Detecting risks and issuing warnings for drivers to self-correct, reducing accident rates


YUWEI Technical Advantages

Real-time Video-based Vehicle/Cargo Visibility and Tracking

Our integrated solution ensures real-time visibility and full control over operations, offering multi-channel real-time previews, playback, and tracking capabilities from loading to unloading, accessible anytime, anywhere.


Accurate Vehicle Safety Technology

By leveraging Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), and Blind Spot Detection (BSD) technology, many accidents can be effectively reduced. These systems monitor driver behavior and detect road risks, issuing timely warnings for drivers to self-correct. This helps improve road safety and uptime, ensuring the safety of everyone.

 Truck Camera System Price

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption helps combat fuel fraud and theft. It also detects and records low fuel efficiency behaviors such as rough driving, route deviations, and idling, providing guidance for drivers. This not only saves money but also reduces emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Rich KPI Reporting

By collecting all fleet operation data on a centralized platform, intelligent and rich reports can be generated. These reports cover key metrics such as mileage, working hours, fuel consumption, and more. This helps easily track the KPIs of vehicles and drivers, facilitating informed decision-making.


YUWEI looks forward to collaborating with partners from various industries to explore the future direction of the Vehicle Safety System (VSS) industry and jointly create a safer world.


1. Save more operating costs through driver behavior monitoring

2. Comprehensive solution for logistics fleet management

3. Improve efficiency through processing electronic reports

4. Third-party support for fleet management software platforms

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