Construction Fleet Management Software

Construction Fleet Management Software

Date Time: May 29, 2024
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Construction Fleet Management Software

Achieve efficient operations through advanced fleet management software

Discover China YUWEI's comprehensive construction fleet tracking and management software solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance tracking efficiency, and optimize overall fleet performance. We also manufacture onboard tracking management devices, combining hardware and software to simplify your management. Currently applied in mining fleets, construction fleets, concrete mixers, dump trucks, etc.

construction fleet tracking and management software solutions

Advantages of Construction Fleet Management


Our fleet maintenance software features a simple, consistent, and intuitive user interface, making fleet management easy to understand and initiate.


FMS offers a range of features that allow you to tailor packages according to your business type, users, and budget, enhancing your fleet operations.



Our software is suitable for companies of all sizes. As your fleet grows and business needs expand, our software grows with you.


Excellent Support

Our staff are praised for providing personalized customer support via phone or email during business hours.


In-House Development

Our software never stagnates, continuously improving and incorporating new user-requested features, enhancing our software.


Start Tracking Your Business Immediately

FMS is cloud-based real-time GPS tracking software that allows you to initiate tracking operations within minutes.

Construction Fleet Management Software

Tracking Software Features:


Create unlimited geofences to simplify your business operations. Receive notifications when vehicles enter or leave your predefined areas, providing a simple and effective way to confirm service calls.



Allow your clients to investigate incidents, even if they were not observed in real time. The playback feature acts as your personal time machine, enabling you to review events.



Track fleet progress with over 18 different types of reports. Access detailed information such as mileage by status, idle time, or aggressive driving reports with just a few clicks.


Supported Devices

Our platform is compatible with our dashcams, onboard hard disk recorders, onboard displays, locators, and other products, supporting remote upgrades. Our platform supports JT/T 808 and JT/T 1078 protocols.

Construction Fleet Management Software


Set personalized alerts based on speed, location, and operation time. Receive instant notifications via SMS or email and easily share alerts with multiple users for timely and effective communication.


Tasks, Weekly Reports, and Custom Reports

Automatically send notifications or report links via email. Receive alert notifications through email, SMS, and HTTP webhooks. Save reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV, KML, and other formats and store them indefinitely on a local computer. If existing reports are insufficient, customize reports to meet your specific requirements.


Track Fleet Fuel Usage

Monitor fuel usage, fuel consumption, refueling and time, leaks and time, and fuel monitoring based on data inventory and charts.


Driver Management

Support driver identification via RFID to prevent unauthorized vehicle use. Improve fleet performance using driver scorecards. Prevent driver fatigue and dangerous driving behaviors effectively with DSM cameras.


Live Video and Local Playback

If the equipment supports JT/T 808 and JT/T 1078 protocols, live video and SD card (hard drive) local video playback are supported.


Customers from 40 Different Regions and Countries

Established in 1998, China YUWEI has over 26 years of R&D experience. Our Construction Fleet Management Software and onboard hardware devices are highly praised by global customers. Currently, they are applied in countries such as Kuwait, Dubai, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, the UK, France, Germany, and more.

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