Haul Trucks Safety Monitoring Camera System

Haul Trucks Safety Monitoring Camera System Solution

Date Time: May 13, 2024
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Author: YUWEI

Haul Trucks Safety Monitoring Camera System

In open-pit mines, various vehicles and machinery operate collaboratively, traversing steep transportation routes and narrow intersections. The absence of information management facilities hampers efficiency improvement. Improper manual operations can lead to various safety incidents, subsequently impacting economic losses, business interruptions, and operations.

Haul Trucks Safety Monitoring Camera System

To address these challenges, YUWEI has proposed a tailored haul trucks safety monitoring camera system solution. Through an intelligent vehicle management system, it achieves automatic detection of drivers state and early warnings. Video coverage is provided for blind spots around Haul vehicles, coupled with AI-powered pedestrian intrusion detection alerts. This assists drivers in understanding blind spot conditions, eliminating accidents, and facilitating precise and safe operations. Cloud-based driver control offers practical onboard monitoring solutions tailored to different types of off-road machinery, facilitating driver operations, enhancing construction safety, and promoting the establishment of a safe construction environment, thus improving safety management and ensuring refined vehicle management.


Camera System Hardware Configuration:

- 1 Four-channel Mobile DVR

- Intelligent DSM Fatigue Monitoring and Warning

- AI Pedestrian Recognition Warning (sensors, radar)

- 360-degree Rearview Camera System

- Onboard Display Screen

- Intercom


Functions of the Haul Truck Camera System:

1. BDS/GPS Positioning of ;Haul Vehicles

Real-time GPS information collection for vehicles to accurately determine if they are within designated areas. Different vehicle statuses such as driving, idling, offline, speed, positioning status, fuel level, payload, etc., are displayed using various icons, serving as baseline monitoring and subsequent business benchmark data.


2. Trajectory Information of ;Haul Vehicles

Real-time GPS information collection for vehicles to accurately determine their direction. Continuous plotting of historical driving data, speed, and location statistics.


3. Real-time Video Surveillance of ;Haul Vehicles

Video surveillance enables remote transmission of vehicle videos to monitoring terminals or mobile phones, facilitating remote video monitoring of vehicle operations for supervisors.


4. Active Safety Monitoring and Fatigue Driving Warning for Haul Vehicles

Utilizing multi-layer neural network technology, video image analysis technology, clustering, and neural network algorithms to accurately monitor any abnormal driving behaviors (fatigue, distraction, smoking, phone usage, lack of mask, etc.) in real-time. Audio-visual alarms are issued to remind drivers to operate safely. Supports driver face detection and authentication, and detection of driverless status.


5. Active Safety Monitoring - Blind Spot Pedestrian Detection and Warning System for Haul Vehicles

Cloud-based driver control blind spot monitoring system (BSD) utilizes deep learning models trained on extensive blind spot video and image data to accurately identify pedestrians in blind spots such as the right, rear, and front of large vehicles, issuing timely warnings to drivers and pedestrians to avoid collisions. Supports up to 4-route BSD pedestrian detection warning systems for front, rear, left, and right.


6. Active Safety Monitoring - 360-degree Panoramic Imaging System for Haul Vehicles

Cloud-based driver control 360° seamless panoramic view: Utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to install 4-6 ultra-wide-angle night vision cameras on vehicles, enabling seamless panoramic views of vehicles exceeding 17-28 meters in length. The splicing range exceeds 400 square meters, making it the world;s highest level. It offers the fastest splicing speed, largest splicing range, and best splicing effects.


7. Voice Intercom and Instruction Dispatch Management for Haul Vehicles

The cloud-based driver control onboard monitoring management system supports batch vehicle intercom function, allowing the monitoring center to make voice calls to all managed vehicles, with drivers passively answering and responding. When overspeeding or violating driving regulations or fatigue driving is detected, voice intercom calls can be made through the system at any time to remind drivers. Also supports batch vehicle text message broadcasting to voice playback function, enabling batch vehicle dispatch.


8. Overspeed Alarm and Area Electronic Fence for Haul Vehicles

The cloud-based driver control onboard monitoring management system supports vehicle speed detection and sets pre-warning speed limits. It monitors vehicle speed, issues overspeed monitoring warnings for each vehicle, and reminds drivers in the cab to slow down through voice prompts. The area electronic fence feature alerts when vehicles exit designated areas, allowing setting of vehicle activity ranges within specified areas and triggering alarms when vehicles enter or leave these areas, assisting in effective vehicle management.


9. Data Visualization Management of Haul Vehicle

Statistics of vehicle mileage, duration, work, location, violations, etc., provide insights into the development trends of various data, offering reference for managers. The system supports multidimensional dynamic analysis and data extraction, enabling multidimensional penetration extraction of reports by selecting dimensions and indicators, facilitating better problem discovery and analysis for decision-making support. Large-screen data visualization display is primarily aimed at senior leadership roles for overall project and departmental control, effectively analyzing statistical results to determine decision directions. For instance, trends in monthly fleet operation efficiency, increasing trends in safety incidents, total mileage analysis, mileage rankings for specific vehicles, driver violation rankings, overall fleet violation statistics, etc., offer managers a clearer understanding of fleet conditions, making fleet management more scientific and information-based.

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