Truck MDVR System

Truck MDVR Camera System

Date Time: April 15, 2024
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Truck MDVR System

Providing aerial visibility for your fleet through up to 8 video channels

The Wireless Links MDVR Camera System for trucks brings a new dimension of video to your fleet, allowing you to capture up to 8 video channels and transmit them to the YUWEI cloud, providing a complete 360° view of each truck in your fleet. Ideal for transportation, school buses, on-site services, and passenger transport fleets.

Truck MDVR System

Video evidence for your fleet

Support your cases with video clips, preventing false claims and quickly resolving disputes. 360° visibility. Each vehicle can easily install up to 8 cameras, including dual dash cams, side, rear, and interior cameras, as well as optional cabin monitors.


Capture and upload key events such as emergencies, driver behavior incidents, etc., as needed.


Support for up to 8 cameras and a cabin driver monitor:

- Dual dash cams: capturing road and driver conditions.

- Interior cameras: monitoring activities inside the vehicle.

- External/side cameras: capturing all angles outside the vehicle and eliminating blind spots.

- Rear cameras: backup cameras, optionally equipped with in-cabin screens for driver use.

- Cabin display: 9 inches.


YUWEI Cloud Server Storage:

With YUWEI cloud, you can fully understand all video-based events. When the MDVR captures and uploads events based on driver behavior, YUWEI automatically tags them and organizes them in a secure dashboard, including the exact time and location of each event, giving you a complete overview of operations. YUWEI also easily downloads video clips from each specific camera as needed.


Additional Features:

- Real-time viewing and retrieval of on-demand and historical video playback.

- Up to 2TB of built-in storage.

- Easy installation.

- Easy export/retrieval of video clips.

- Support for up to 8 cameras and one cabin monitor.

- Works via WiFi and optional 4G.

- Continuous recording upon vehicle startup.

- Capture and upload photos and videos for input-based events (PTO).

- Optional SOS emergency button.


MDVR Product Introduction

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Truck MDVR Q&A

What is Mobile DVR?

Car digital video recorders are known as MDVRs. MDVR differs from DVR in that the letter M stands for mobile. So it is called (Mobile Digital Video Recording System), which is a digital video recorder specially designed for vehicle monitoring. It is used together with the car camera to record events inside or outside the car, and generally has extended functions such as Beidou/GPS satellite positioning and wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G).

The difference between DVR and MDVR:

1. DVR is generally used for video surveillance in fixed places, such as bedrooms at home, supermarkets, office areas of companies, etc. Generally, it is directly connected to the camera and stores the recorded video data through the hard disk. MDVR is basically used in mobile scenes, such as trucks, ships, etc. It can record the video of the vehicle surveillance camera, and supports vehicle monitoring and driving recording functions.


2. DVR is generally installed on the wall and directly connected by cable. MDVR needs to be installed on the car. Shockproof, waterproof, dustproof and other measures are required to reduce vibration and interference during video recording while the car is driving.


3. Hard disk video recorders generally have relatively large storage capacity, and can store video data for several days or even months on the hard disk. MDVR generally uses a pluggable mobile hard disk or solid-state hard disk as a storage medium, and its storage capacity is relatively small, usually dozens to hundreds of GB, and the video data needs to be replaced or backed up regularly.


4. The DVR is usually directly connected to the power socket and powered directly through the power grid. The mobile hard disk video recorder is generally used in the car, so the car power adapter, battery or other mobile power supply methods are used.

On which vehicles is MDVR used?

MDVR is mainly used in buses, trucks, tourist vehicles, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

Does MDVR support video analytics?

Yes, our MDVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;
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