How to install Mobile DVR

How to install Mobile DVR?

Date Time: October 09, 2023
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How to install Mobile DVR

How to Install Mobile DVR?For vehicle security professionals, the installation of a Mobile DVR is an important process. However, there are often some problems encountered during the operation. Today, let's talk about the installation and related precautions of Mobile DVR.

Tool Preparation

The basic tools needed during the device installation process include wire strippers, insulation tape, wire ducts, screwdrivers, pliers, electric drills, etc.

Installation Methods and Steps

Step 1: Determine the installation position and wiring path for the cameras. The number and position of the cameras installed vary from person to person, and there are no fixed requirements. Install them wherever you want to monitor.

Below are some diagrams showing the camera positions in common vehicle types:

mobile dvr installation

Truck camera distribution diagram

mobile dvr installation

Tanker camera distribution diagram

mobile dvr installation

Bus camera distribution diagram

mobile dvr installation

Precaution: Do not fix the cameras temporarily, as they may need adjustment later.

Step 2: Determine the installation position of the mobile video recorder and display screen. The recorder can be installed on the luggage rack, under the seat, or in other suitable positions. Precautions:

Install the device in a location with less vibration if possible.

To ensure heat dissipation, avoid installing it in poorly ventilated areas and pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing.

To ensure safety during use, place the device in a location that is not easily accessible to the driver and passengers.

Step 3: Connect the power wires for the mobile video recorder and display screen.

The red and black wires of the power cord should be directly connected to the car battery. The red wire connects to the positive terminal, and the black wire connects to the negative terminal.

The yellow wire connects to the ignition wire, which refers to the position when all dashboard lights turn on after turning the car key.


Before connecting the wires, make sure the voltage of the battery is between 9-36V.

After connecting the wires, ensure insulation between the power lines to prevent short circuits that may damage the battery.

The yellow wire must be connected to the ignition wire, otherwise the device will not support delayed shutdown, and the recorded video will be lost.

The power cord of the recorder must be directly connected to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Do not use the car body as the ground wire, as it may cause negative pulse interference and affect the normal operation of the main unit.

The power connection wire used for the positive and negative terminals must have a wire diameter of at least φ1.5mm.

Step 4: Power on the device and perform debugging. The main task during the debugging process is to adjust the shooting angles of each camera, which can be done by observing the recording images on the display screen.

After adjusting the angles, the cameras can be fixed in place. Next, according to personal needs, set the relevant parameters in the menu of the DVR system. Below is an example of the monitoring image displayed on the screen after installation is complete.

install Mobile DVR

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