The Best Multi Camera System for Trucks

Multi Camera System for Trucks

Date Time: March 18, 2024
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The Best Multi Camera System for Trucks

The multi-camera system for trucks is designed specifically for truck drivers or fleets who need and want more than just a dashcam system. These systems are tailored for heavy-duty use, built tougher, and include advanced features to offer the maximum advantage of a multi-camera system.

multi camera system for trucks

Standard systems use five cameras: front, rear, left, right, and cabin interior. A cabin interior monitor is installed for real-time viewing of rear and near-side cameras, solely aimed at enhancing the driver's visual perception of the vehicle surroundings.

MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) is an advanced rugged suite with channel ranges from 4 to 12, designed for vehicle surveillance, monitoring, and most importantly, event capture. Some models are high-performance, durable digital recorders designed for in-vehicle recording, allowing fleet managers to record and stream real-time footage of vehicles.

This technology combines GPS positioning, 3/4G networks, and wireless upload to capture, record, and manage high-definition video.

MDVR in-vehicle camera recording systems offer additional features

- Full HD camera with 1080p resolution

- Easy maintenance

- Integrated 3G/4G/5G options for remote access

- Built-in GPS icons for multi-camera systems

- Image live cloud platform

- GPS positioning tracking

- Internal wireless network: 4G/LTE for real-time streaming event capture (or WiFi).

- View recordings anytime, anywhere on smartphones or tablets. Compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

best multi camera system for trucks

The YUWEI series of in-vehicle cameras are suitable for all vehicle types and industries. From rearview/reverse cameras to side and wide-angle cameras, this technology allows you to see what you can't see and capture it in real-time with a recorder.

YUWEI in-vehicle cameras are rugged, with adjustable installation, weatherproofing, and some even have infrared night vision capabilities. With this technology, you can ensure that your field of vision is always fully covered, allowing you to operate your vehicle safely regardless of day or night, and regardless of weather conditions.

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