Snowplow Fleets Dash Cam System

Snowplow Fleets Tracking Camera System

Date Time: March 18, 2024
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Snowplow Fleets Dash Cam System

Did you know that 70% of roads in Europe and America are located in areas where annual snowfall exceeds 5 inches? Preventing snow accumulation on roads is crucial when severe weather strikes each year. It ensures the safety of residents in various regions and maintains road operations to safeguard the economy of the area.

Snowplow Fleets dash cam

Just like any commercial fleet, efficiently managing snowplow fleets can pose a range of challenges to ensure operations run smoothly and each truck is optimized for best performance. Without tracking systems for snowplow fleets, fleet managers must understand the obstacles they face in snowplow operations:

- Efficiently managing multiple snowplows

- Poor route management

- Proactive maintenance scheduling

- Monitoring and validating driver performance

- Controlling fuel costs

Given that nearly 25% of weather-related vehicle accidents occur on snowy or icy road surfaces, the role snowplow fleets play in communities is crucial for the safety and well-being of the area.

How to Easily Manage Multiple Snowplows?

YUWEI's dashcam fleet tracking solution assists fleet managers by providing high-definition video of critical events and live footage, along with precise GPS tracking without the need for additional hardware. Operating as a primary remote information processing software, it enables snowplow fleets to streamline, automate, and expedite the operations of the entire organization. Intuitively and centrally viewing the location of each vehicle enables the fleet to remain agile in constantly changing workday climates.

Snowplows fleet camera system

Route Planning

Optimizing routes ensures that every snowplow in the fleet can efficiently carry out snow-clearing operations. Preventing overlap of multiple trucks' coverage and ensuring certain roads are not left unattended. YUWEI's geofencing tool assists these clients in understanding their fleet's routes and whereabouts in unprecedented ways. Real-time alerts across geofences, and the ability to optimize your vehicles on the best routes, ensure that snowplow fleets can ensure roads are cleared to the highest standards.

Managing Snowplow Fleet Driver Behavior

By installing AI-powered dual-facing dashcams on each snowplow, closely monitoring the performance and evident habits of every snowplow driver. Driver behavior alerts have a significant impact on your operational efficiency and can also protect others on the road from the costly consequences of improper behavior.

Another measure YUWEI provides for fleet clients is first-class ADAS alerts for tailgating, harsh braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, etc.! These assist fleet managers in understanding driver behavior. Allowing them to score each individual based on performance, fostering an awareness/urgency to maintain optimal performance among drivers.

Managing Your Fleet's Fuel Costs

With fleet management solutions for your trucks, you can receive notifications for prolonged idle times. Increasing efficiency, shortening routes, and alerting individuals to unnecessary idle time are all ways these fleets can benefit from solutions that easily address rising fuel costs.

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