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Date Time: February 22, 2024
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Rugged Vehicle DVR Recommend

F4 is a rugged vehicle dvr, which is a cost-effective and highly expandable mobile DVR device specifically developed for vehicle-mounted video surveillance and remote video surveillance. It adopts high-speed processing, combined with the most advanced H.264/H.265 video compression/decompression technology, 4G/3G network technology, GPS/BDS positioning technology, WIFI technology, and patented GSensor installation self-calibration and vehicle driving recognition of acceleration, deceleration, sharp turns, rollover collision detection. It can capture 1080P, 720P, D1 resolution image compression and video recording, vehicle driving information recording and remote video uploading. With the central software, it can achieve alarm linkage central remote video surveillance, vehicle intelligent scheduling management and playback analysis based on the central database. The product has the characteristics of strong anti-vibration ability, simple appearance, flexible and convenient installation, comprehensive functions, and high reliability;

Rugged Vehicle DVR

Built-in advanced driving assistance system ADAS, DSM module, which can achieve local fatigue driving, looking around, smoking, making phone calls, lane departure, close distance to the front car, front car collision and other warnings.

F4 products are characterized by small size, simple appearance, flexible and convenient installation, comprehensive functions, and high reliability.

Our Mobile DVR is applied to trucks, buses, semi-trailers, financial escort, sanitation vehicles, school buses, dump trucks, taxis, cargo trucks, mixer trucks, buses, and shipping industries.

Our products and solutions are applied in many countries and regions such as Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, Russia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

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Vehicle DVR Q&A

How to view and manage the videos recorded by Vehicle DVR?

Vehicle DVR can provide related software or mobile applications through which the recorded videos can be viewed and managed. These software usually support functions such as real-time monitoring, historical playback, video download and setting adjustment.

How many camera connections does Vehicle DVR support?

The number of camera connections for Vehicle DVR depends on the specific model and configuration. Generally speaking, MDVR can support 2 to 8 L or even more camera connections

Can Vehicle DVR's video be accessed remotely?

Yes, yuweitek's Vehicle DVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the background, and remotely view real-time video, playback video, and adjust settings.

Does Vehicle DVR support video analytics?

Yes, our Vehicle DVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;

What are Vehicle DVR and CCTV?

A DVR converts analog camera signals into digital format and stores them on a hard disk. DVR and CCTV are storage methods for closed-circuit television security systems.

What is the difference between DVR and NVR?

A DVR converts analog material to digital, while an NVR is only suitable for digital material.

What is the difference between a dash cam and an Vehicle DVR?

An Vehicle DVR is a complete monitoring system with more functions than a dash cam, such as sensors, in-car screens, etc.

What is the role of a car DVR?

A car DVR provides functions such as 24-hour monitoring, audio and video recording, transmission, positioning, etc.

How to choose a driving recorder?

Consider video resolution, viewing angle, GPS and Wi-Fi functionality, parking monitoring, etc.
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