Sanitation Vehicle Camera System

Sanitation Vehicle Tracking and Management Camera System

Date Time: February 25, 2024
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Sanitation Vehicle Camera System

The sanitation vehicle tracking and management camera system utilizes devices such as GPS/BDS positioning, onboard video, fuel sensors, and auxiliary equipment status detection to accurately locate vehicles in real-time, view current operational video footage, and automatically track data such as vehicle start and end times, mileage, and fuel consumption. This enables standardized and refined management of vehicle operations and precise statistical analysis of operational results.


Sanitation Vehicle Camera System

The fleet management platform displays data and information related to vehicle statistics, violations, driving trajectories, mileage, attendance, scheduling, and more through a big data monitoring platform, enabling visual supervision of the entire vehicle management process.


Key features of the Sanitation Vehicle system

1. Video surveillance: 360-degree panoramic monitoring eliminates blind spots, ensuring both safety and supervision.

2. Driving trajectory: Real-time view of vehicle travel trajectories to standardize operational routes and prevent fraudulent behavior.

3. Violation warning: Real-time monitoring of various violations during vehicle operations with timely alerts.

4. Fuel consumption monitoring: Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption changes and generation of reports to prevent fuel theft.

5. Maintenance management: Real-time monitoring of the entire vehicle maintenance process to establish sound management systems.

6. Attendance statistics: Real-time supervision of vehicle operation attendance and summary reports to standardize company management.

7. Intelligent scheduling: Reminder mechanism for vehicle scheduling to ensure normal completion of vehicle operations.


Hardware products of the sanitation vehicle tracking and management camera system

Onboard video terminal:

The Yulian sanitation vehicle onboard video terminal integrates satellite positioning, SD card/hard disk video storage, remote real-time video monitoring, voice calls, TTS voice broadcast, CAN bus interface, and driving recorder functions. It is highly integrated (including modules for fuel consumption, positioning, scheduling, video, vehicle speed, and work status), enabling vehicle fuel consumption monitoring, activity trajectory tracking, location attendance, overspeed alarms, electronic fences, vehicle operation monitoring, and scheduling functions.


Onboard positioning terminal:

Main functions: GPS/BDS satellite positioning, intelligent scheduling, transparent fuel consumption data transmission.


Onboard camera:

Main functions: Real-time 1080p video viewing, recording function, remote monitoring, ADAS monitoring, driver status monitoring, etc.


Fuel level sensor:

Main functions: Real-time monitoring of fuel level changes, prevention of fuel theft, and leakage.


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