School Bus Camera System Manufacturer

School Bus Camera System Wholesaler

Date Time: June 05, 2024
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School Bus Camera System Manufacturer

YUWEI is a manufacturer with 26 years of experience in producing school bus camera systems. Our factory is headquartered in China, covering an area of 15,000 square meters. The company employs over 600 workers, including 230 senior engineers and 40 service engineers providing technical support in English. Our laboratory has invested millions of dollars in EMC, ISO 7637, temperature, vibration, and durability testing. The factory is certified by the ISO 9001 quality management system.

School Bus Camera System Wholesaler

School Bus Camera System Manufacturer

School Bus Management Challenges

- Students forget their cards or board the wrong bus, leading to a poor travel experience.

- Real-time information about students' arrival time at stops and school is inaccessible to parents.

- Frequent safety incidents (e.g., drivers violating regulations).

YUWEI School Bus Tracking Management Solution

YUWEI has launched a school bus monitoring solution composed of a monitoring platform, onboard terminal, onboard cameras, SOS alarm buttons, facial recognition devices, onboard radar, etc. This system collects data such as videos, images, and GPS locations of students and drivers during the bus journey, enhancing the management of vehicles, drivers, and students. It effectively realizes real-time monitoring and status alarms for school buses, improving operational safety.

 School Bus Camera System Supplier

1. Intelligent GPS Satellite Positioning System: Accurately locates vehicles and, through a supporting monitoring system platform, provides a series of GPS vehicle management and safety monitoring functions.

2. 4G/5G Wireless Video Monitoring System: Transmits real-time video from inside and outside the vehicle to the monitoring center via a 4G/5G wireless network, allowing the center to understand the vehicle's status in real time and manage video recordings.

3. Monitoring System Platform: The core of the entire monitoring system, handling all vehicle videos, GPS information, alarm information, video management, and user permissions.

4. Onboard Front-end Equipment: Installed on school buses, these devices include audio and video collection modules, audio and video encoding/decoding modules, GPS data collection modules, and 4G/5G transmission modules.

5. Remote Instant Voice Communication (Optional): During school bus operations, the bus can call the monitoring center for assistance, and the monitoring center can call the driver at any time for real-time communication.

 School Bus Camera System Wholesaler

School Bus Tracking Management System Hardware

- Intelligent Video Terminal MDVR

- Onboard Display Screen

- Facial Recognition Device


- Interior 360 Cameras

- Ultrasonic Radar

- 360 Panoramic View

- School Bus IVMS Management Software Platform

 School Bus Camera System

Onboard Host (MDVR)

The F4 is a high-performance product developed specifically for school bus video monitoring and remote video monitoring. It adopts hard H.264/H.265 video compression/decompression, 3G/4G network, GPS/BDS positioning, etc. It features strong anti-shock capability, simple appearance, and easy installation.

School Bus MDVR System

 School Bus Camera System Wholesaler

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