360° Surround View Truck Camera System

Date Time: September 27, 2023
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What is the 360 surround view truck camera system?

The 360° surround view truck camera system is a system designed for commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks, school buses, and special-purpose vehicles. It consists of four ultra-wide-angle, 720P high-definition night vision cameras installed around the vehicle. These cameras capture high-definition video images of the surrounding area in real-time. The captured images are processed in the image processor through distortion correction, perspective transformation, image stitching, and fusion. This process ultimately generates a 360° bird's-eye view panoramic image of the vehicle and achieves a 3D effect. The system outputs AHD720P/1080P high-definition video signals, which are displayed on the monitor, providing a 360° panoramic driving assistance for the driver. This product helps eliminate blind spots around the vehicle, effectively reducing the probability of traffic accidents. Additionally, the system has a 4-channel HD recording function, providing valuable evidence and reconstructing accident scenes in case of traffic accidents or emergencies.

360 surround view camera system car

Surround View System Technical Principle

Multiple independent ultra-wide-angle cameras capture images, and the controller processes these images by correcting distortion and seamlessly stitching them together, ultimately forming a virtual bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings. The system continuously detects pedestrians, vehicles, and obstacles around the vehicle in real-time, judging their movement direction and distance.

360 degree surround view camera for car

Features of the 360 surround view truck camera system:

  • Specifically developed for trucks, buses, school buses, dump trucks, and special-purpose vehicles, the 360 surround view truck camera system has its own truck 360 stitching algorithm. It has a compact size, high integration, wide temperature design, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -30 to 70 degrees Celsius.

  • The product meets CE and FCC certification standards and complies with automotive power supply specifications.

  • The product supports multiple video outputs, including CVBS/VGA/AHD.

  • The product supports our intelligent voice control system specially developed for the 360 surround view truck camera system. The panoramic view can be controlled through voice commands, ensuring driving safety.

  • The product supports proprietary algorithms. With the sensors inside the main unit, the 360-degree panoramic view can automatically adjust the viewing angle according to different application scenarios.

  • The product supports 4-channel AHD720P camera function and dual AHD simultaneous output, one for the 360 main unit and one for the DVR main unit.

Camera stystem Function

  • Single-view outside the vehicle: In addition to providing a panoramic view, the system also provides separate 3D front, rear, left, and right views of the vehicle. The single view automatically switches according to the vehicle's driving status.

  • HD night vision: The camera can maintain high-definition image quality and color reproduction even in low-light conditions such as cloudy or nighttime.

  • Accurate trajectory lines: The system obtains and decodes the steering wheel angle through the CAN bus protocol. It uses built-in trajectory calculation and drawing algorithms to display real-time accurate trajectory lines on the panoramic view, providing references for driving and parking.

  • Reverse guidance lines: When reversing, the system receives the reverse signal and displays reverse guidance lines in the rear area of the panoramic view, providing precise guidance for the driver.

Precautions for the 360 surround view truck camera system

  • This system is a parking assistance system that provides a view of the vehicle's surroundings. The diagram of the entire vehicle and the distance between the diagram and actual objects may have deviations. Drivers should operate the vehicle based on the actual situation.

  • Do not plug or unplug the device with power. The main unit should not be submerged in water. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

  • Installation or removal of this system requires professional personnel. If the system malfunctions, users should promptly contact the installation service provider.

MDVR F4 configuration


Detailed Specification

Appearance structure

Size: 145×58×193mm

Shell material: PC+ABS, body material: aluminum alloy

Protection grade


Environmental suitability

Operating temperature: -30℃~70℃,

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

Working voltage

Working voltage range: 9 - 32V

Support car battery protection: 8.5V±0.5V/12V system, 17V±0.5V/24V system

12V/24V adaptive,36V system is not supported

Ultra-low power consumption design

Static current <2mA

Support zero- power-consumption sleep mode

Power consumption

Average power consumption is less than 30W

Super capacitor

3 super capacitors can supply power to the system and camera

2~3s to save the complete video before power failure

Indicator lights

4 lights (1 positioning signal, 1 communication signal, 1 video recording, 1 terminal operation indication)

External interface

Power supply: TE-1318384-2

Positioning antenna connector: Fakra-C blue

Communication antenna connector: Fakra-D

Video interface: M12-4

IPC interface: M12-6


Maximum 6 channels of AHD/CVBS video input, can supply power to the camera, the output voltage value is 12V, single channel maximum output current 0.5A

1-channel IPC video input connector, 12V power supply

1-channel CVBS output


2-way camera recording, recording line supports key input detection

1 way shout MIC input


2.5-inch mechanical / solid state hard disk, can support 7mm / 9.5mm, hard disk shock absorption device fixed in the terminal (Maximum capacity support 2TB)

2 SD cards, pluggable mode, does not support simultaneous recording (Maximum capacity support 512GB)

Data interface

2-way RS232 interface, 5V power supply @ 500mA

1-way 485 interface, 1 way IPC interface, 12V power output (1A)

Positioning module

GPS and BeiDou positioning module

Communication module

4G module

SIM card

Drawer plug-in SIM card

IO function

8-channel input: ACC, left steering, right steering, door edge, emergency, reverse, brake, speed pulse

1 way output: fuel break power

More about F4

F4, a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent Al mobile DVR. Built with an industri-al-grade core high-speed processing chip, it combines global 4G wireless transmis-sion, WIFI communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

360 surround view truck camera system

surround view system

surround camera system

360 around view system

360 surround view camera system


Table of Contents

What is the 360 surround view truck camera system?
Surround View System Technical Principle
Features of the 360 surround view truck camera system:
Camera stystem Function
Precautions for the 360 surround view truck camera system
MDVR F4 configuration
More about F4

360° Camera Q&A

Is 360 surround view camera worth it?

We recommend that if you own commercial vehicles or construction vehicles that require frequent reversing and turning, it is worth considering purchasing a 360 surround view camera system. It can effectively assist you in those situations.

How does the 360 camera system work?

Above, we have already explained this. You can refer to "Surround View System Technical Principle" for more information.

How much does a 360 around view system cost?

The 360 around view system requires multiple cameras, and the number of cameras installed varies depending on the type of vehicle, such as trucks, buses, school buses, etc. You can provide your vehicle model by contacting us at hello@yuweitek.com, and we will send you an official quotation email within 8 hours!

Do your products have certification?

Currently, we sell globally, and our 360° camera system is certified with CE (USA), FCC (USA), UKCA (UK), and NBTC (Thailand). Our factory in China has also obtained ISO 9001 quality certification. You can rest assured when purchasing our products.

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