School Bus Mobile DVR Systems Factories

School Bus Mobile DVR Systems Factories Quotes

Date Time: April 15, 2024
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School Bus Mobile DVR Systems Factories

YUWEI is one of the leading providers of school bus vehicle solutions, offering comprehensive monitoring services to ensure safety both inside and outside the school bus. Our solutions include:

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Real-time Monitoring and Positioning: Tracking passenger boarding and alighting using passenger counter cameras, parents can view the bus location and video in real-time through the app to prevent accidents.

Fleet Management System: Tracking vehicle location, event recording, and remote video uploading. Users can view videos in real-time via the mobile app and website, set upload schedules, and receive emergency alerts.

F4 Mobile DVR: Supports connection of up to 16 cameras, with waterproof and dustproof design, recording to HDD/SSD hard drives and SD cards, built-in GPS for recording vehicle location and routes, suitable for truck and bus fleets.

Real-time Remote Viewing: Supports real-time remote viewing of videos via 3G/4G, can be connected to the vehicle's WiFi hotspot, suitable for fleet tracking and management.

Equipped with IVMS client software (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software), enabling online fleet management, real-time audio and video monitoring, GPS, vehicle tracking, electronic fences, voice intercom, vehicle monitoring, temperature monitoring, customized alarms, route recording, PTZ control, fuel level detection, report generation, etc. The app is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

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Intelligent Public Transit Solutions

YUWEI's public transit management system provides technical, environmental, and economic support to transportation authorities, offering continuous oversight for dispatchers, quickly detecting and eliminating errors or disruptions, and effectively deploying resources.

Intelligent School Bus Solutions

High-definition vehicle-mounted DVR updates the status and video monitoring of school buses, and the control center transmits verification information to parents' apps in real-time, helping address safety concerns for students traveling to and from school.

Logistics Transport Solutions

Vehicle-mounted DVR tracks vehicle status, alerts dispatchers in case of speeding or route deviation, monitors driver behavior, and reduces accident rates during transportation.

Intelligent Sanitation Vehicle Solutions

Monitoring system records the status of sanitation vehicles and efficiently schedules garbage trucks through a bidirectional communication system, enhancing delivery efficiency.

Advantages of School Bus Camera Systems

- Enhance Safety: Create a secure environment for students, drivers, and bus attendants.

- Accountability: Encourage responsible behavior among students and staff.

- Peace of Mind for Parents: Provide real-time information to guardians.

- Efficient Operations: Optimize bus routes and scheduling through GPS integration.

- Legal Protection: Provide irrefutable evidence in case of disputes.

School Bus Mobile DVR Systems Quotes

The cost of a single MDVR is $180, suitable for school buses, trucks, coaches, dump trucks, and other fleet tracking and management applications.

School Bus Mobile DVR Q&A

What is Mobile DVR?

Car digital video recorders are known as MDVRs. MDVR differs from DVR in that the letter M stands for mobile. So it is called (Mobile Digital Video Recording System), which is a digital video recorder specially designed for vehicle monitoring. It is used together with the car camera to record events inside or outside the car, and generally has extended functions such as Beidou/GPS satellite positioning and wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G).

On which vehicles is MDVR used?

MDVR is mainly used in buses, trucks, tourist vehicles, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

Does MDVR support video analytics?

Yes, our MDVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;

Can MDVR's video be accessed remotely?

Yes, yuweitek's MDVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the background, and remotely view real-time video, playback video, and adjust settings.
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