MDVR Camera System Solution

Date Time: December 25, 2023
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YUWEI MDVR Camera System Solution

YUWEI MDVR Camera System is an intelligent video monitoring solution that integrates ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360 algorithms, providing real-time awareness and monitoring of various anomalies such as people, vehicles, and roads during vehicle operation. It delivers authentic data on vehicle movement and driving behavior, enabling smarter, more comprehensive, and proactive vehicle safety management.

 YUWEI MDVR Camera System Solution

Key Features of MDVR Camera System

1. IP69K Waterproof:

Ensures usability even in harsh weather conditions.


2. APC with Passenger Flow Statistics:

Utilizes deep learning technology for real-time recognition and motion tracking of individuals in captured images.

Achieves high-precision passenger flow statistics.


3. ADAS+DMS+BSD+360 Integration:

Integrates AI algorithms for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), Blind Spot Detection (BSD), and 360-degree surround view.

Provides functions such as driving assistance, fatigue monitoring, 360-degree panoramic view, and blind spot detection.


4. Video Recording Functionality:

Full HD images; supports various trigger recording modes.

10-second pre-recording for easy evidence collection.


5. H.264/H.265 Compression:

Supports dual compression to enhance storage space and optimize wireless network traffic.

Integrates AI and ROI processing effectively.


6. Fleet Management:

Real-time remote monitoring via PC/mobile; historical trajectory and video queries.

Uploads dangerous events to the vehicle monitoring platform for efficient fleet management.


7. API Extension Support:

MDVR can connect to servers, providing APIs for seamless integration with client systems.


8. User-Friendly Operation:

Supports offline operation.

Features a high-definition touchscreen, infrared remote control, and a user-friendly flat human-machine interface.


9. Data Security:

SSL encryption, HTTPS secure transmission, Amazon S3 storage, supercapacitor power-off protection.

Comprehensive measures to safeguard data security.


10. Multifunctional Connectivity:

Sensors such as radar, OBD, voice intercom, speed, tire pressure, fuel consumption, temperature, door switch, vehicle weight, and vibration sensor are supported.

Efficient Fleet Management

YUWEI MDVR Camera System is designed to provide reliable vehicle management solutions for various vehicle types, including buses, tour buses, armored vehicles, school buses, trucks, fire trucks, ambulances, and passenger vehicles. It ensures customer safety and effectively enhances operational efficiency.


Efficient Fleet Management:

Supports remote control via PC or mobile devices.

Features real-time positioning, historical trajectory queries, remote download of recordings, electronic fences, and more.

Dangerous driving events and abnormal vehicle statuses can be uploaded to the fleet monitoring platform.

Supports rapid customization and development to meet customer needs, empowering fleet management through a data platform.

Supports Multifunctional Integration

Microwave radar, ultrasonic radar, OBD, voice intercom, speed, tire pressure, fuel consumption, temperature, door switch, vehicle weight, vibration sensor, and other sensors are seamlessly integrated to ensure driving safety.

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