Real-time video recording and storage on taxis

Taxi GPS Tracking System

Date Time: September 26, 2023
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Real-time video recording and storage on taxis

The intelligent onboard video terminal on taxis records and stores real-time video of the entire journey both inside and outside the running vehicle. The recordings are stored for several days or more, depending on the capacity of the storage media (such as the main host with an SD card or a main host with a hard drive).

Taxi GPS tracking system

Deployment of onboard taxi cameras

Each vehicle is equipped with front and rear dual-recording integrated high-definition cameras with shockproof and night vision capabilities, as shown below:

taxi camera system

4G network transmission and BDS/GPS satellite positioning

The onboard intelligent video terminal device on taxis utilizes 4G network and BeiDou GPS dual-mode satellite positioning technology to transmit real-time mobile video and satellite positioning data to the monitoring center management platform. The device is configured to transmit data securely and confidentially by locking onto the monitoring center's fixed IP dedicated line address.

Taxi remote monitoring center management

The software platform features a central monitoring and network management system that enables real-time transmission of video, audio, and BeiDou GPS satellite positioning data from taxis equipped with the intelligent onboard video terminal device to the monitoring center. This allows for a dual display of real-time transmitted video+real-time location, GPS satellite positioning, and the vehicle's position and travel information on an electronic map.

Taxi and ride-hailing service video playback

In the event of an incident or other abnormal situations, authorized personnel can replay the recordings either through the intelligent onboard terminal device on taxis or remotely through the monitoring center.

Taxi remote instant voice communication (optional)

During the operation of taxis, the vehicle can call the monitoring center for assistance, and the monitoring center can also call the driver onboard at any time, enabling real-time communication.

T4 is a cost-effective and expandable device specifically designed for taxis. It uses a high-performance embedded Linux operating system, H.264 video compression/decompression technology, 4G network technology, and BeiDou+GPS dual-mode positioning technology. The device uploads recordings, positioning data, and vehicle travel information remotely via the 4G network. Combined with the central management software, it enables centralized remote video monitoring with alarm linkage, remote dispatch management, and playback analysis based on a central database.

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