Dash Cam For Commerical Fleets

The Best Dash Cam For Commerical Fleets

Date Time: January 10, 2023
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Dash Cam For Commerical Fleets

In recent years, internet business models such as online car-hailing, car leasing, and freight transportation have rapidly gained popularity. As relevant policies continue to improve and standardize, dash cams have become one of the most sought-after vehicle accessories in the industry. By recording video and audio of the entire driving process, they provide effective evidence for traffic accidents. However, enterprises still face challenges in personnel and vehicle supervision, including personal safety risks and vehicle asset risks.

Dash Cam For Commerical Fleets

Yuwei's V5, the best dash cam for commercial fleets, aims to address these issues. Yuwei fleet management's smart Dash Cam solution utilizes the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile internet, and various positioning technologies. It collects vehicle location information through the video and audio data captured by the smart driving recorder. By integrating it with the fleet management platform/APP, it enhances visual vehicle supervision, reduces accident and failure rates, significantly improves vehicle management efficiency, and streamlines online car-hailing, car financing lease, and online freight vehicle management, making them more systematic and convenient.

Basic dash cam

Uniwin offers a cost-effective 4G 1080P high-definition departmental standard driving recorder. It allows real-time remote viewing of vehicle driving tracks and video images. Upon collision or emergency, the event video is uploaded and stored on the server through the 4G network, triggering a real-time alarm notification to ensure vehicle safety and meet the needs of vehicle positioning and audio-video recording. It is suitable for auto finance, auto insurance gifts, and other purposes.

DSM smart driving recorder

The smart driving recorder uses the 4G network for communication, supports dual camera simultaneous recording, and allows both local and remote real-time recording. It provides real-time recording with the front HD camera, infrared night vision monitoring inside the car, and integrates DSM monitoring, driving behavior analysis, various abnormal alarms, etc. This helps managers monitor vehicles and driving conditions at any time, standardize drivers' behavior, improve management efficiency, reduce operating costs, and meet remote fleet management needs for online car-hailing, taxis, buses, and government-enterprise buses.

Fleet management platform/APP

The fleet management platform/APP offers various multi-dimensional data reports, including event video playback, real-time video live streaming, mileage, electronic fence, vehicle track playback, overspeed alarm, parking engine, driver's driving behavior, and fuel sensing. After data collection, the cloud platform processes a large volume of vehicle information and generates reports for managers to view. It provides scientific data support for personnel vehicle risk management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle scheduling, and employee performance appraisal.

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Commerical Fleets Dash Cam Q&A

What is the most suitable dash cam for business use?

Currently, the most suitable brands of dash cams for commercial fleet use in the market are China YUWEI, Verizon, Samsara, Garmin, and BlackVue. We recommend purchasing products from these 5 brands.

What is a fleet dash cam?

A fleet dash cam enhances the overall safety and management of company vehicles by providing a comprehensive view of driver behavior and potential accidents on the road.

What dash cam do truck drivers use?

The Smart Video Remote Information Processing V5 is a feature-rich 4G dash cam designed specifically for the automotive video surveillance industry. It features both front and rear dash cams, supporting up to 4 channels of cameras for real-time audio and video recording, with dual TF card storage. It utilizes global 4G network connectivity for real-time video transmission, along with GPS/BDS positioning for accurate tracking. The V5 dash cam also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security, widely used in industries such as ride-hailing, taxi, logistics, and government vehicles.

Do dash cams need GPS?

GPS records accurate speed and location data of the dash cam while you drive. This tracks the physical location of your vehicle to display driving routes and speeds. This is crucial for pinpointing accident locations accurately, which is important for insurance claims as well.

How much do dash cams cost?

Prices range from $25 to $300. The YUWEI dash cam is priced at $25 per unit, for quotes on multifunctional dash cams please contact (hello@Yuweitek.com).

Are there wireless dash cams?

Wireless dash cams are dash cams that support Wi-Fi connections. They can upload footage of your surroundings to cloud storage. If your camera is tampered with during an event, you can review the footage and determine the facts. However, this is only effective when the dash cam has internet connectivity.

Can dash cams use regular SD cards?

Almost all dash cams use Secure Digital (SD) cards, but most tend to use microSD cards. Even if your dash cam only supports SD cards, SD adapters allow the use of microSD cards.
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