The Best Fleet Dash Cam System

Best Fleet Dash Cam System

Date Time: March 18, 2024
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The Best Fleet Dash Cam System

The best fleet dash cam system helps fleet managers better track and manage fleet information.

Cloud-based dash cams provide instant access to cameras via computer or smartphone applications. It is compatible with your entire fleet, including cars, trucks, vans, and HGVs. Enjoy powerful features such as real-time GPS tracking, driver identification, behavior monitoring, and vehicle defect reporting.

Fleet Dash Cam System

Features of Fleet Dash Cam System

Real-time HD Video Recording

Our commercial 4G dash cam system offers excellent video quality. Event recordings are immediately uploaded to the cloud and can be remotely downloaded on demand, ensuring that video evidence is always available. They are also saved on SD cards for flexible access.

GPS Location Real-time Tracking

Comes with GPS vehicle tracking systems suitable for cars, trucks, HGVs, vans, and motorcycles. Trusted by over 3,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and local governments worldwide, enhancing your fleet management capabilities through real-time location tracking and other functionalities.

Driver Behavior System

Fleet dash cams not only monitor driver safety and performance but also track driver behavior to help improve it. By scoring driver behavior based on five KPIs (speeding, acceleration, turning, braking, and idling), the system calculates driver scores, generates reports, and creates leaderboards for analysis.

Optional: Driver-Facing Dash Cams

Choose dual-facing dash cams for a comprehensive view of road incidents. In the event of an accident, driver-facing dash cams conduct comprehensive event analysis and fault determination. By continuously recording, they also help prevent accidents caused by unsafe driving, encouraging drivers to avoid distracted driving and other dangerous habits.

Why Choose YUWEI Dash Cams?

Using our 4G commercial dash cams for trucks, vans, HGVs, and cargo vehicles protects insurance premiums and no-claims bonuses while reducing accident risks. Truck, HGV, van, and car cameras record in full HD, ensuring clear and accurate event footage every time. Video clips of events are uploaded directly to the cloud and stored on SD cards for future reference.

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Using our dash cams for trucks, vans, heavy goods vehicles, and cargo vehicles protects your fleet from "cash for crash" scams. Educate drivers using 4G fleet dash cam videos generated by events to improve driver behavior. Dash cam footage is also retrievable remotely via online portals or directly from SD cards as needed.

Inward-facing cameras can prove whether drivers are focused or distracted. Improve driver behavior by encouraging safer driving and eliminating habits such as smoking or using mobile phones with dual cameras. Enhance road safety and reduce fleet accidents using camera systems, providing peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers.

Digital vehicle checklists ensure that your tracked fleet is roadworthy, compliant, and that all vehicle defects are reported and addressed immediately.

When the device detects a sudden change in G-force, it automatically uploads the video to the cloud server, accessible via PC or app.

AI-Powered Fleet Video and Safety Technology

Experience true remote video information processing, including photos, videos, time-lapse photography, and live streaming from up to 12 cameras. Gain clearer insights into your operations and driver standards through interactive reports, AI-driven event detection and validation, and automatic video uploads.

Real-time Visibility

High-frequency tracking updates and live video streaming.

Fast, Efficient Video

On-demand and event-based video playback, as well as delayed uploads.

AI-Driven Event Engine

Utilize powerful AI-driven event detection and validation.

Each event, video, and photo is analyzed by our powerful cloud-based AI, providing additional context and risk information, and calculating severity scores. Smart push notifications are sent to authorized users based on their preferences, keeping them informed at all times.

Driving Events

Dangerous driver behaviors, safety, and compliance.

Hardware Diagnostics

Camera and onboard device health alerts.

Platform Notifications

Upload and report automatic updates.

Use dedicated AI cameras to protect your drivers and other road users. Real-time alerts to drivers about surrounding dangers, monitoring performance of key risk factors, and guiding safer driving standards with dedicated reports and video uploads.

ADAS–Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Tailgating, lane departure, collision warnings.

DSM–Driver Status Monitoring

Distraction, fatigue, smoking, mobile phone usage, food and drink.

Cloud AI Analysis

People, bicycles, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings.

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