Commercial Truck DVR Camera System

Date Time: November 13, 2023
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F4 is the Commercial Truck DVR Camera System suitable for your fleet. YUWEI provides high-definition truck camera systems for fleet managers.

When an accident occurs, you want to obtain first-hand video records of the event. Purchasing a dashboard camera can easily help you achieve this function, but it's important to ensure that you install a professional DVR camera system.

Commercial Truck DVR Camera System

The price of high-quality image sensors and internal working components of the camera is not cheap. We have seen that in the case of serious accidents involving vehicles, YUWEI's automotive black box can completely preserve the incident, allowing you to understand the details of the accident.

Truck DVR Camera System

Common applications of the Truck DVR Camera System

The installation of the Truck DVR Camera System is intended to ensure the safety of the fleet and drivers. Therefore, if a driver feels that their rights have been violated, the manager should actively communicate with them and make the driver aware that the camera records their actions.

1. Comprehensive visibility with the truck camera system.

In traditional setups, drivers can only see the rear through the rearview mirror, making it difficult to know if someone is passing behind the truck or to be aware of blind spots. The YUWEI rear-view backup camera helps drivers accurately see what is happening behind the truck. It also helps prevent damage to other vehicles, which could lead to costly consequences for the company.

2. Enhanced safety

The truck monitoring camera system can record videos during the journey to provide evidence and document the circumstances of accidents. This helps ensure the safety of the driver and vehicle, as well as aids in resolving disputes related to accidents.

3. Theft and vandalism prevention

The surveillance camera system can monitor the security of the truck's cargo, preventing theft and vandalism. It can provide real-time monitoring and recording, and alert the driver and management personnel through warning functions.

4. Driver behavior analysis

By recording drivers' behaviors, such as speeding, sudden braking, and distracted driving, the monitoring camera system can analyze and assess driving behavior. This helps improve driver behavior and enhances road safety.

5. Route planning and navigation

Some truck monitoring camera systems are equipped with GPS capabilities, providing accurate location information and navigation guidance to help drivers plan the best route and offer real-time traffic information to avoid congestion and delays.

6. Improved work efficiency

The monitoring camera system can help management track and monitor the fleet's operations, including mileage, idle time, and fuel consumption. This aids in optimizing operation planning, enhancing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Overall, the Truck DVR Camera System can enhance driving and cargo safety, and provide data and information to support management decisions. It is an indispensable tool in the modern truck transportation industry.

Is the DVR camera of the truck always recording?

Our AI car recorder DVR can be configured in various ways according to your requirements. For example, it can be configured for continuous recording or live streaming, or it can be configured to only record footage when triggered by an event or alarm, all depending on your specific business requirements and policies.

When will an alert be sent to the driver if an event is triggered?

If cabin feedback is enabled, the driver will receive an alert as soon as an event is detected.

How is your remote information processing solution different from that of your competitors?

Most competitors do not offer a solution that integrates the front camera, driver camera, and remote information processing equipment into a single unit, requiring multiple hardware installations. Our intelligent AI car recorder is an "integrated" unit for ADAS, cabin monitoring, and remote information processing, with additional options for fatigue monitoring and blind spot detection, supported by our powerful artificial intelligence and machine vision algorithms.

What other industries can our Truck DVR Camera System be used for?

1. Truck transportation and heavy transportation

2. Factory mining and resource transportation fleet

3. Agricultural fleet, foreign mechanized high farm fleet

4. Bus transportation, taxi network cars, etc.

5. Construction fleet, such as dump trucks, excavators, etc.

6. Express logistics is everywhere, and our DVR camera system can also be used for this.

7. Government fleet: ambulances, police cars, fire engines, etc.

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