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Date Time: November 15, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

With the rapid development of road freight transportation, logistics demands increasingly stringent requirements for timeliness. In order to ensure on-time delivery, behaviors such as speeding, exceeding driving time limits, and driver fatigue are widespread among the driver population, leading to a sharp increase in traffic accidents. In China, approximately 20,000 drivers lose their lives in traffic accidents each year, resulting in economic losses amounting to hundreds of billions of yuan. Furthermore, 95% of traffic accidents are caused by unsafe behaviors of individuals. In traditional fleet safety management, driver on-road monitoring is almost nonexistent.

fleet monitoring systems

Optimizing Fleet Safety with Fleet Monitoring Systems

Frequent accidents involving logistics vehicles have driven the trend and consensus within the entire industry toward the transformation of logistics fleet transportation safety management and informatization. The safety management of logistics transportation requires close collaboration among intelligent hardware devices, regulatory platforms, drivers, and all fleet management personnel to truly guarantee safety.

For fleet management, YUWEI has launched a new fleet monitoring system management solution, providing logistics fleets with a full-chain closed-loop service that ranges from safety monitoring, intervention in risk events, to optimized safety management. This is achieved through an integrated model of "intelligent hardware, platform, and operational services," which helps road transport fleets optimize safety management.

Real-time Monitoring of Driver Status and Fleet Positioning

Through in-vehicle intelligent hardware such as dashcams, MDVRs, T-boxes, ADAS, and DMS, the AIoT fleet management platform has the capability to acquire driving data and intervene. Data on roads, locations, speeds, driver fatigue, phone usage, and lack of concentration uploaded by the intelligent hardware devices can be monitored and recorded in real time for driver behavior and road safety through the built-in AI risk recognition engine on the algorithm platform, enabling comprehensive monitoring of roads, drivers, vehicles, and vehicle blind spots.

DMS In-Vehicle Fatigue Driving Warning

Multiple Interventions to Ensure Safety

The YUWEI fleet monitoring system can identify safety risks in real time and issue intelligent voice reminders inside the vehicle.

The backend allows real-time viewing of risk events, enabling administrators to understand instances of driver violations. The intelligent risk recognition measures coupled with personalized intervention methods allow for the swift handling of each potential risk, making transportation safer.

Regular backend statistical reports provide safety reports for each driver, enabling fleet management personnel to understand the safe driving behavior of every driver.

By analyzing multidimensional records of fleet operations, changes in safety risks, and other factors, managers can promptly view driver behavior ratings, statistics of risk events, safety rankings, and even receive improvement suggestions. Based on this information, they can enhance driver management training, further optimize vehicle safety management, and promote safer and more efficient vehicle operations.

Real-time Monitoring of Safe Driving Behavior

The transportation industry is a high-risk sector prone to safety accidents, and fleet safety has always been the biggest challenge for managers. With the help of technologies such as AI and big data, we can achieve full monitoring of people, vehicles, and roads and provide timely event interventions through personalized services, thereby reducing accident risks. Additionally, targeted offline training based on big data analysis can help every fleet establish a closed-loop safety management system, enhancing fleet safety.


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