Taxi Camera System Suppliers

Taxi Camera System Suppliers

Date Time: January 25, 2024
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Taxi Camera System Suppliers

With the acceleration of the urbanization process and the continuous improvement of economic development, the demand for transportation is increasing. People's travel by car not only requires mass transportation such as urban public transport and long-distance passenger transport but also demands convenient, fast, and comfortable local taxi services to meet the fast-paced needs of modern life. With a large number of taxis and drivers, incidents such as passengers forgetting belongings in the car, disputes between drivers and passengers, and taxi accidents often occur. Effectively managing vehicle operations to provide convenience and comfort to passengers while ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers is crucial.


Taxi Camera System Suppliers

Challenges in taxi management include

Safety during Driving

Taxi drivers often operate for extended periods, leading to fatigue and distraction. Ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers and preventing accidents caused by driver negligence and fatigue driving are essential.


Regulatory Challenges

Taxi operations are part of the public service industry, and any adverse incidents can have amplified negative effects on society. Effectively regulating a large number of taxis and drivers, combating unlicensed drivers (black cabs), and providing a basic guarantee for societal safety are ongoing challenges.


Vehicle Dispatch

Efficiently dispatching vehicles to allocate regional vehicle resources and effectively increasing vehicle occupancy rates.


Operational Data

Managing a large number of vehicles involves handling a significant amount of operational data, including passenger counts, individual operational amounts, daily total operating amounts per vehicle, and total income for all vehicles. Finding a convenient and quick way to access this data is crucial for reducing manual operation time and understanding the operational status of all vehicles more efficiently.



Addressing issues such as traffic accidents, lost passenger belongings, and passenger complaints requires a system that provides reliable information, allowing the retracing of vehicle history and audio-visual data.


Passenger Satisfaction

In the service-oriented taxi industry, competition lies in passenger satisfaction. Knowing the satisfaction level of passengers with their current journey is crucial for improving service and enhancing the company's brand image.


Taxi Camera System Solution

Installing a 4G mobile DVR main unit in taxis, connecting it to in-car cameras, in-car displays, taxi meters, and evaluators, and transmitting data through 4G wireless networks to a cloud platform can achieve remote monitoring, dispatching, and evidence collection. This system can also include additional features like LED advertising screens and active safety peripherals (DSM cameras, ADAS cameras) for driver fatigue detection and warnings.


Key features of the taxi camera system

Real-time Video Location Monitoring

View the interior and exterior conditions of the vehicle in real-time, along with its current location.


Historical Track and Image Query

Access historical recordings and the operational track of the vehicle stored on the monitoring main unit's hard drive or SD card.


Remote Command Dispatch

Communicate directly with the driver through the connected voice microphone and support cluster intercom for information exchange among drivers.


Active Safety Assistance

Monitor the driver's real-time driving state, provide automatic alerts for fatigue or improper driving operations, and predict road conditions to issue early warnings.


Driver One-Click Alarm

A one-click alarm button on the monitoring main unit for drivers to seek help in emergencies.

Operating Amount Details

Report the amount calculated by the taxi meter to the platform, forming a detailed report that can be viewed by date and time period.


Service Quality Display

External service evaluation devices allow passengers to evaluate the service at the end of each trip, with evaluation data uploaded to the platform for overall satisfaction insights.


Driver Identification

Use facial recognition or external ID card readers to identify the driver. The system records the driver's identity when operating the vehicle, allowing management personnel to query which driver operated a specific vehicle during a certain period.


Roof Light Text Editing

Remotely edit and distribute taxi roof light advertisements and slogans for advertising or social public welfare campaigns.


Operational Data Reports

The platform offers various report functions, including detailed tables for the taxi meter data, vehicle operating time, track details, driving mileage statistics, and active safety alert reports.


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