Wireless Bus Video Surveillance Systems

Wireless Bus Video Surveillance System

Date Time: July 02, 2024
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Wireless Bus Video Surveillance Systems

Intelligent Features of Mobile Video Surveillance System for Buses

(1) Intelligent Functions for Detection and Recognition of Drunken and Fatigued Driving

According to statistics, drunken and fatigued driving are major contributors to traffic accidents, necessitating intelligent functions for detecting and recognizing these conditions with pre/alarms. The system effectively detects signs of driver intoxication or drowsiness and issues immediate alerts. It uses speakers to warn the driver to stop and rest. If the driver fails to comply, the system autonomously applies brakes and alerts the central monitoring center to change the driver, reducing the occurrence of accidents.

 Wireless Bus Surveillance System

(2) Intelligent Functions for Detection and Recognition of Camera Video Obstruction, Blurring, and Angle Rotation

The onboard surveillance system detects and recognizes video obstruction, blurring, and angle rotation, triggering proactive alarms. It records and transmits to the monitoring center for immediate action, eliminating risks and preventing accidents.


(3) Intelligent Functions for Passenger Counting and Crowdedness Detection

This feature counts passenger flow and estimates density, providing pre/alarms for overcrowding. It displays real-time passenger numbers or percentage of crowdedness on screens. If values exceed preset limits, alarms are triggered, facilitating effective vehicle scheduling by the central station.


(4) Intelligent Functions for Detection and Recognition of Anomalous Behaviors

The system detects and recognizes theft, fights, and assaults inside the bus, automatically issuing pre/alarms. It records and displays incidents for prompt action by the monitoring center and local police, minimizing escalation.


(5) Intelligent Functions for Detection and Recognition of Traffic Violations like Speeding, Wrong-Way Driving, and Running Red Lights

To prevent driver violations, the system detects and identifies speeding, wrong-way driving, and red-light running. It alerts drivers with audio warnings and recordings, sends pre/alarms to the monitoring center for immediate intervention, such as issuing braking commands.


(6) Intelligent Functions for Detection and Recognition of Unauthorized Intrusion and Driver Identification

A virtual alert zone around the driver's seat detects unauthorized intrusions. The driver identification system immediately verifies entry; if unauthorized, it triggers alarms, records, and alerts the monitoring center, preventing ignition until a recognized driver enters.


Composition Scheme of Mobile Intelligent Video Surveillance System for Buses

The system comprises intelligent onboard DVR systems, surveillance cameras, listening heads, alarm buttons, onboard monitors, intercoms, announcement systems, information display and dispatch screens, and 3G (or 4G)/Wi-Fi communication networks managed by the central monitoring center. GPS modules and network interface modules are integrated into the DVR system host. Additionally, each of the four surveillance cameras includes a listening head.

 Bus Surveillance System

Setup of Surveillance Camera Points on Buses

Typically, at least four surveillance cameras are installed on buses, positioned as follows:


1. Front Camera (No. 1): Mounted behind the windshield, facing forward to capture road conditions, signs, and traffic lights, enhancing driver awareness and safety.


2. Front Door Camera (No. 2): Installed on the ceiling above the driver's seat, facing the front door, coin box, and driver's position, recording boarding activities and driver behavior.


3. Passenger Compartment Camera (No. 3): Positioned on the front ceiling of the passenger compartment, facing rearward to monitor seating and standing passengers, analyzing behavior for safety verification.


4. Rear Door Camera (No. 4): Mounted on the rear ceiling of the passenger compartment, facing the rear door, recording disembarkation and monitoring rear incidents for post-incident review.

 Wireless Bus Video Surveillance System

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