24/7 Security Bus Camera Systems

24/7 Security Bus Camera System

Date Time: June 13, 2024
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24/7 Security Bus Camera Systems

In recent years, frequent traffic accidents involving passenger buses have drawn widespread attention due to factors such as driver misconduct and inadequate management by operating units, as well as uncontrollable elements like weather and road conditions.


Ensuring the safe and reliable operation of passenger buses and effectively tracking and managing their information is a pressing issue for fleet managers.


24/7 Security Bus Camera Systems

The YUWEI 24/7 security bus camera system consists of intelligent onboard terminals and an AI-driven proactive safety cloud platform.


- Dual-mode GPS/BDS positioning enables real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring, with the ability to replay historical driving records when needed.


- Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) provide functions such as forward collision warning and lane departure warning to prevent safety hazards.


- Driver State Monitoring (DSM) detects abnormal facial expressions (closed eyes, yawning, unusual posture, phone use, smoking, etc.) and alerts, effectively improving driver compliance with safe driving practices.


- Accident analysis and evidence gathering are supported by continuous 1080p video surveillance and recording, coupled with GPS trajectory querying, ensuring real-time monitoring of operational vehicles and providing robust evidence for accident investigation and liability determination.

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